Stolen $53,000 Diamond Watch Returned to Cheshire Real Housewife Star

The rich and famous make everything look easy. However, even those with piles and piles of cash can have life take an unexpected, and quite frankly, horrifying and upsetting turn. Ampika Pickston, one of the stars of Great Britain's version of The Real Housewives, was the victim of a home robbery when her lavish estate was broken into by armed hoodlums. The gang got away with over $100,000 worth of stolen goods including a rare designer pink diamond encrusted watch. In a strange and miraculous turn of events, the watch turned up a few weeks later and has been returned to its ecstatic rightful owner.

The Incident

Armed with an axe, hammer, and knife, several white males in their late 20s and early 30s broke into Mrs. Pickston's estate and dragged the housekeeper, Lesly Kahn, upstairs where they demanded to be shown the safe. Thankfully, Ampika was not at home at the time of the burglary. The housekeeper was traumatized from the event and suffered a panic attack.

The Watch

One of the items stolen from the Pickston residence was a Harry Winston watch, alone worth $53,000. The timepiece is studded with diamonds, including rare pink diamonds, and is believed to be one of only three such watches in the entire country.

Miraculous Find

The particular safeguard company used by the Pickstons also happens to run a charity called Cheshire's Children. Upon hearing about the horrible robbery, the company offered its assistance in locating the stolen items. The watch was located and reunited with Ampika. In order to show her gratitude, Mrs. Pickston left a generous donation. She hopes that her kind gesture will help inspire others to do good deeds.

Though this story truly has a fairytale ending, it is quite a frightening tale. Heavy security was breached and the perpetrators got away with a small fortune. A woman's life was threatened and has undeniably left deep scars. Nevertheless, the positive side must not be overlooked. The stolen watch was returned and hopefully the criminals will see justice served.

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