The Advantages of Loose Diamonds: Affordability and Customization

 The advantages of buying loose diamonds are not widely known. Loose diamonds seem to have a reputation of being a collector’s or a jeweler’s item, not suitable for purchase by the average Joe. But this perception is not accurate. Loose diamonds can actually be an affordable commodity. Whether considering wedding rings, engagement rings or any other type of diamond jewelry – it is often much cheaper to purchase a loose diamond and have a jeweler set it in a design of your choice, than to buy a predesigned item.

Fancy Colored diamonds collection

Fancy color diamonds

The affordability of loose diamonds is attributed, in a large part, to online diamond dealers, who have cut diamond prices by as much as 80%. This is possible because the internet allows them to dispose of the high rental fees of retail stores; and their business models dispose of the middle man – many dealers travel to other countries to buy the diamonds and give them to a skilled diamond cutter who brings out the best qualities of the stone. Thus, the diamond passes from the dealer, directly into the customer’s hands.

Still, that does not mean the traditional manner of shopping in real-world jewelry stores has outlived its usefulness. Thanks to the competitive prices brought by the online dealers, brick-and-mortar retailers are lowering their prices and offering tempting deals to lure customers back into their stores.

3.11-carat, Fancy Deep Grayish Blue Cushion and a 2.83-carat, Fancy Grayish Blue Emerald

Blue Diamonds

These factors make loose diamonds highly suitable for those who prefer to save a substantial amount of money, for lovers of custom design, and for people who wish to upgrade existing jewelry. These loose gems allow customers to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, not necessarily following the trends dictated by jewelers, and reflecting the buyer's personality and taste without compromise.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds

And finally, a tip for the man who plans to surprise his woman with diamond jewelry: buying a loose diamond is risk free. Ask the dealer to place the diamond in a beautiful box and present it to her. Later, she can custom design her own jewelry, and you avoid paying a large sum for a setting she will never wear.


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