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The Body Jewelry Trend

A diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but not every girl chooses to wear that said diamond in the same way. We have already seen diamonds used in a hearing aid, but these trends can actually catch. If earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are the traditional forms of jewelry, then diamond encrusted eyebrows and jeweled hand ornaments are the less traditional form, though they are making more of a breakthrough as time goes by. No, we are not talking about eyebrow rings, though those on their own are statement-making jewelry pieces. Rather, we are referring to diamond studded eyebrows!

We sew this trend on celebs, such as when Lady Gaga had covered her entire eyebrows with the glittering precious stones. We also saw them modeled on the catwalk when jewel-embedded models began strutting their bejeweled selves alongside the latest fashion styles. Here is a look at this intriguing and slightly mad new trend, as well a the significantly more sane trend of hand (note: not wrist) bracelets.

Sparkling Eyebrows

It should come as no surprise that the ambassador of one of the stranger jewelry trends we have seen in a while is none another than Lady Gaga. The pop singer, best known for her extravagant and shocking getups, has made several appearances with diamond-studded eyebrows.

From her appearance at the WellChild benefit concert last June at the Royal Albert Hall in London to her Instagram photos displaying her stylish outfit complete with bejeweled eyebrows, Lady Gaga has been sporting this show stopping look that may be unique, but also not quite for everyone. Lady Gaga is not the only one with sparkling faces. Chanel had an entire fashion show showcasing runway models studded with semiprecious gems, pearls, and sequins.

Hands that Glisten

We have seen classic jewelry pieces take a slightly untraditional turn, such as the bangle bracelet, stacks of thin bracelet, and of course enormous statement rings and necklaces. Perhaps when these items were first introduced and were all the rage they were seen as a bit strange and impractical, but today that is no longer the case. The same may be true with another new trend: hand bracelets, which consist of precious metal pieces that encircle the hand, not the wrist. It most definitely attracts attention and provides even more shine and beauty to one’s ensemble. The question though is whether such a trend will catch on due to practicality issues. While stacks of bracelets may make annoying noises, a hand bracelet can get in the way of writing, holding items, and many other daily tasks.

While these interesting body jewelry trends exist, and may or may not become mainstream in the near future, it is still obvious that Lady Gag, Chanel, and Gaydamack, the company responsible for the unusual hand jewelry, have made quite the statements with their trends and products. Knowing what’s out there is always useful, but many of us might just stick to diamond rings and earrings for the time being.

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