The Kimberley Diamond

Flawless Kimberley diamond is among the most famous brown or champagne diamonds. Natural champagne diamonds are among the most common throughout the 12 different colors of fancy color diamonds. The soft, radiant tones through to the deep, rich cognac colors have caught the eyes of lovers of fine diamonds and jewelry. However, as common as these stones are compared to others in the world of colors, there are few that stand out above the others.

They are found with single, pure colors, and one, two, or even up to three of the following secondary hues; Yellow, Yellowish, Pink, Pinkish, Orange, Orangy, Greenish, Greenish Yellow, Purple, and Reddish. Through the wide range of colors sold, natural fancy champagne diamonds are among the three most popular stones, along with yellow and pink diamonds. They are found with Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark intensity grades depending on the secondary colors of the stone.

The step cut, 70-carat, champagne-colored, Flawless Kimberley diamond was discovered in the Kimberley Mine in South Africa. It once comprised part of the Russian Crown Jewels where it was a large, flat stone before it was recut into its modern shape in 1921.

In 1958, the stone was again recut by its owners, Baumgold Bros. of New York, to improve its proportions and increase its brilliance. The Flawless Kimberly diamond weighs today a stunning 55.09 carats. Baumgold Bros. sold the stone in 1971 to an undisclosed collector.

Among some of the other famous diamonds, the size of the Flawless Kimberly, although quite large, in relation to the others is actually rather small. For example, the Golden Maharaja Diamond is a 65.57 carat Fancy Dark Orange-Brown diamond with a GIA certified VS2 clarity and the Great Chrysanthemum Diamond is 104.16 carat, Fancy Brown diamond. The Golden Jubilee Diamond, another one of the most famous brown diamonds, is bigger than all three of these stones together. The 545.67 carat Fancy Yellow-Brown diamond was cut from a rough which was recorded to be 755 carats. In combination with the fact that the Golden Jubilee Diamond is among the largest, because of the unique cut it is known as the largest faceted diamond in the world, a record previously set by the 30.20-carat Cullinan I diamond.

The stunning and contemporary beauty of champagne diamonds and champagne diamond jewelry is what separates these pieces from the rest. Although the size of the Flawless Kimberly diamond isn’t impressively large compared to the other most famous brown stones, it still remains as one of the most popular around as a result of size, color, shape and beauty.

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