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The Luxury of Haute Couture Jewelry

Try and picture the most luxurious piece of diamond jewelry you can think of. Something so incredibly unique and beautiful, that the site of the jewel is enough to captivate the deepest desires of even the most powerful people in the world.

The idea originated with the Couturier, Charles Frederick Worth, who was born October 13, 1826 and died March 10, 1895. He was considered the father of haute couture as it is known today. He began the approach of using such intrinsic designs that eventually brought fashion clothing and jewelry pieces to life. The prestige and chic styles is only part of what makes these pieces such a dream. The greatest part is the transformation of practical craftsmanship into a work of art.

 54.84 carat, Multicolored Rose-cut Diamond Bracelet

An exquisite Tutti-Frutti Couture bracelet simply dripping with diamonds.112 magnificent Rose-cut diamonds that are set in a 175mm long Multicolor Diamond Bracelet of 54.84 carats

Couture Jewelry

Originally used to describe high-end luxurious fashion designs, the French term “Couture” means dressmaking or sewing while “Haute” is translated as elegant or high. In time, Haute Couture was adapted to a number of different works of art.

Crafted in such a way, enough to adopt classification of Haute Couture jewelry, some diamond jewelry pieces are nothing short of absolute perfection. The idea is to create the most luxurious pieces of only the finest materials available. Haute Couture jewelry is designed with originality, exuding sophistication and luxury.

3.21 Carat, Fancy Light Pinkish Brown Flower Ring3.21 Carat, Fancy Light Pinkish Brown Flower Ring3.21 Carat, Fancy Light Pinkish Brown, Round, SI1

Set in 18K Rose and White gold, the center 3.21Ct Fancy Light Pinkish Brown Round Brilliant is brightly contrasted by 3.26Ct of collection color brilliant pave diamonds adorning the petals for a stunning couture ensemble

Products Worth the Investment

Haute Couture jewelry can sometimes be sold at a cost somewhat higher than ones everyday jewelry. Although, there is good reason which proves they are well worth the investment. The manpower required in the applied thinking of the design team, the perfection in the production team, the precision of quality assurance, together with the time spent on the creation always converts to absolute excellence.

Those out specifically looking for Haute Couture jewelry are happy to pay for exclusivity and the privacy afforded by the system.

LEIBISH’s Unique Collection

With access to the one of the largest stocks of natural fancy color diamonds, together with the experience in creating beautiful color diamond jewelry, LEIBISH’s jewelry design team is known to have released some of the most breathtaking pieces in the market today. From multicolored rose-cut diamond bracelets to rings made of extremely rare pink diamonds, each one is made with sophistication and brilliance.

3.30 Carat, Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond Ring3.30 Carat, Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond Ring3.30 Carat, Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond Ring

A beautiful couture ring featuring a 3.30 carat, Fancy Orangy Pink, Oval-cut center stone with an SI2 clarity grade. This stone is set in 15.01gr. Platinum and Rose Gold, and is surrounded with 2 rows of collection diamonds. that are also on the shank and half band..

The Materials Used and the Designs Created

LEIBISH uses a anything from Argyle Pink Diamonds to Intense Yellow, Vivid Orange, or any other rare colored diamonds in their jewelry designs. Depending on the color of the diamonds selected, the metal used, and the design chosen, every piece will appear entirely unique. The classier metal to use is Platinum, but some prefer 18 karat Gold or perhaps a combination of both metals to help maximize the intense colors of the diamonds selected. Pieces are created so that they blend well with the customer’s skin tone, their style of dress, where they plan on displaying the jewelry and so that it fits with their overall personality.

 1.11 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Cushion-cut Diamond Ring1.11 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Cushion-cut Diamond Ring1.11 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Cushion-cut Diamond Ring

The ring is adorned with a 1.11ct Cushion cut, Fancy Yellow Canary diamond of VS1 clarity. It has 2 collection color, VS clarity triangles encompassed by 73 round collection diamonds which are along the shank

The Leibish Couture Inspection

When creating a couture piece, LEIBISH has the responsibility of ensuring the highest level of quality in every aspect of its creation. It must be designed 100% according to the customer’s vision so that when the piece is brought to fruition, the dream becomes an unforgettable experience. The time invested in the design for connoisseurs, diamond enthusiasts, and admirers of customized fashion and luxury must equal absolute perfection.

The final inspection is held to the highest standards of quality assurance and only once ready can a piece like a Canary Yellow Diamond Ring be considered Haute Couture suitable enough to release to a client.

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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