The Meaning of Emeralds and Other Green Stones

Emeralds, green diamonds, green sapphires, jade; there is a wide range of both precious and semi-precious green gemstones available!

Leibish Emeralds

Leibish loose emeralds

Some gemstones give off more of a shine, like diamonds, while others, like emeralds, have less fire that is reflected off the facets of the stones. There are those that display light colors while others showcase a deep, dark green. What is the meaning of this lively color? Let’s take a look at some of the myths and beliefs surrounding the green color and their implications in regards to green gemstones.

Natural Green

Green is the second most abundant color in the world of nature, after blue of course. It’s a sign of life; it’s a sign of money, greed, and jealousy; and it’s even a color associated with aliens. In addition, green represents rebirth, spring, and balance. It is also sacred to some religions such as Islam.

Green Energy

Wearing green, whether it is green clothing or green gemstones, can exude certain energy. It can be a powerful energy of growth and the desire to expand, or it can be energy to overcome something. It can set off a positive energy for creating healthy relationships.

A natural chameleon diamond ring

A natural Chameleon diamond ring

Green Wealth

Nature and money seem like complete opposite and yet they share a common color: green. Perhaps it is this way to show us that we can make lemonade from lemons, quite literally, by using nature’s resources to make ourselves prosperous and wealthy. Or, it could be because these are two things that seem to bring many people happiness.

The color of trees, grass, and much other flora, green has many positive connotations. Combined with its bright hue, it makes a perfect choice of color for a gemstone. Whether the stone of choice is crystal-like or more rock-like, it can add tremendous color and personality to any ensemble.

If green is your color of choice, be sure to check out our wide assortment of green diamonds, green emeralds, and all the beautiful pieces that display the color of energy.

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