The Pearson Diamond

The Pearson Colorless Diamond is a 16.72-carat brilliant-cut round diamond famous for its near flawless clarity. The cut and shape of the diamond maximize the superior qualities of this extraordinary diamond.  The Pearson Diamond is among the world’s most famous colorless diamonds.

The Pearson Colorless Diamond was a gift of Mrs. G.B. Pearson Jr. Although the size of this diamond is a far cry from other colorless diamonds, let alone world-famous ones, it more than compensates in the shine it exudes due to the perfect features, cut, and shape of the diamond.

Colored diamonds are known to be quite rare and extremely sought after.  However, colorless diamonds that are as close to flawless as they come such as the Pearson Colorless are nearly as desirable. A stone the size of the Pearson Colorless, showcasing such perfection, is uncommon, which is the reason for its fame and popularity.  The Pearson Diamond can be found in the Smithsonian along with other famous diamonds such as the Blue Heart, the De Young Pink, and two uncut green diamonds.

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