The Rodman vs. Alan Bronstein Diamond Feud

It is the nature of human beings to squabble from time to time, but when an inheritance, particularly one containing valuable jewels is involved, the strife intensifies greatly.

This was exactly the case in a recent inheritance battle involving somewhat famous collections of colored diamonds belonging to business partners Harry Rodman and Alan Bronstien.

Though the two were from different generations, a unique friendship blossomed between them and a career as business partners in the rare field of colored diamonds began. With Rodman's recent passing at the age of 99, a battle of possession broke out between Bronstein and Rodman's family, namely his nephew Gerald Gould.

Mr. Harry Rodman emigrated from Russia in 1903 in order to escape the horrific pogroms in Russia.  After settling in the United States, Rodman started a gold business through his father's specialty was jewels.  He was well known in Manhattan's diamond District.  By the time he retired in 1986, Rodman had already met young Bronstein who had a huge impact on Rodman with his earnest zest for colored diamonds and the joint colored diamond collecting began.

It was only later on that Bronstein's mother became Rodman's wife.  Rodman was his mentor and friend before he became his stepfather as well. Much time was spent running after unusual stones.  This kind of dedication is what made collections such as the Aurora Pyramid of Hope, which was housed in London, and the Aurora Butterfly of Peace, a collection of 240 remarkable colored diamonds, possible.

The confusion as to the rightful heirs of these precious diamond collections is a result of Rodman changing his will seven times.  Rodman's relatives claim Bronstein tricked him into a settlement he would have never agreed to and that Bronstein's mother was after Rodman's money.

Like in most partnerships, there is almost always an argument at some point; sometimes a serious brawl like this one. However, there is also generally an agreement made at some point.  Though $14 million is at stake here, the rift will hopefully be resolved in an honest and peaceful manner.

Today, fancy colored diamonds are attracting a lot of attention. More engagement rings shining with canary yellow diamonds are seen. Also, Hollywood stars are flashing their fancy pink diamond pendants or champagne colored diamond earrings and making a hit on the Red Carpet.

What was once only found among the royal, rich, and famous is now being acquired by the public. Needless to say, with a collection such as this one, Harry Rodman's family isn't going to give up their claim easily.

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