The Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The oval shaped, 59.60 carat (100 carat rough), Fancy Vivid Pink, Internally Flawless (IF) Steinmetz Pink is the largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond in the world. The Fancy Vivid grading and the incredibly IF clarity, in addition to its remarkable 59 carat size make the Steinmetz Pink quite possibly the finest pink diamond in the world at present. It was mined by De Beers in 1999 in South Africa, and weighed 132.5 carat in the rough.  As a result of its exceptional rarity, the Steinmetz Group took a very cautious 20 months to polish it, and it was unveiled in Monaco to the public in May 2003. In 2007, the Steinmetz pink was mounted as a ring, sold to a private buyer, and renamed the Pink Star. In November 2013, the Pink Star was sold at auction to a buyer on behalf of a consortium, named Isaac Wolf, who later defaulted on the purchase. The diamond was subsequently bought by Sotheby's to uphold the purchase.

The Cutting and Polishing Process

Fifty models were worked on before the cutting of the rough diamond even began. One wrong move and the priceless, incomparable diamond would have shattered. The diamond’s facet pattern is very unique, a stunning oval shaped mixed-cut diamond with a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. The intricate cut helps display the vivid pink color of the diamond extremely well.

 A Tour de Force

The Steinmetz Pink went on display in the summer of 2003 as part of the exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C. entitled The Splendor of Diamonds, which also featured the Millennium Star, the Heart of Eternity, the Allnatt, the Pumpkin, the Moussaieff Red, and the Ocean Dream. At the opening of the exhibit, the Steinmetz Pink was mounted on a pendant and modeled by actress Jenna Elfman.

The Present Day 

Since it's third sale in 2013, the Steinmetz Pink, now the Pink Dream, is located at Sotheby's and will probably be sold again at auction in the near future.

The History of its Names

1999–2007: The Steinmetz Pink
2007–2013: The Pink Star
from 2013: The Pink Dream

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