Top 5 New Years Proposals

Any day that a person chooses to ask the love of his life to marry him is a wonderful and perfect day. However, a New Year’s proposal can is perfect when you put your heart into it!

1. Keep It Simple – Midnight Proposal

If you are after something exciting, a New Year’s midnight proposal is the way to go. Everyone counts down from 10 when the it is 10 seconds before midnight. When the clock strikes 12 and the countdown has hit 1, drop down on one knee and pop the question.

If however, you both don’t mind a little attention, your proposal can take place at any New Year’s Eve happening that you are planning on attending! Once the question has been popped, you can bask in the applauses, smiles, and congratulations you will receive from those that surround you.

2. Keep It Meaningful – Use the Opportunity of Family Time

Many couple would love to be surrounded by family when they come to this momentous life decision. Take advantage of the fact that you have gone home for the holidays, or that your family has gathered together for the holidays, and propose in front of loved ones. As you embark on the journey to marriage and beyond, being surrounded by family will become more and more important and there is no better way to begin the journey of becoming your own family unit than being surrounded by your family members!

3. Use the Calendar – Countdown to the Date!

The most exciting part of New Year’s is the build up, especially after the excitement of Christmas is over. This idea requires some advanced planning, but you can still do this even with minimal time to prepare. Build a photo calendar or a graphic calendar with meaningful quotes, phrases or memories that hint to the final event. Then, on the final page, give her a time and place for the proposal. Use the opportunity to leave sweet reminders of your relationship and build up the mood for the final moment, and remember to take pictures or ask a friend to be on hand to take pictures, and then you can always use them for a Save the Date for the wedding!

4. Keep It Private – An Intimate Evening for Two

While New Year’s is the perfect opportunity for many over-the-top, public, and exciting proposals, it can also be a great time for a more private one. If you are not the kind of couple who likes showy displays of affection, you can make a private party for 2, either at a restaurant that you love, or in your own dining room, and keep it intimate. You can still count down to midnight together and get down on one knee at midnight with fanfare even if there is no large crowd surrounding you. The fact that you chose that exact moment to mark the beginning of your journey together will be beautiful and meaningful.

5. Make It Romantic – Take Her on a Carriage Ride

New Year’s is a great time for romantic gestures like a carriage ride around the city or a picnic in the park under the fireworks. Take advantage of the romantic time of year and what your city is offering to build the perfect backdrop for your proposal. The touches that you put on the proposal will be your contribution to what will make the night so special, and will make the most beautiful memories for you two.

Like Christmas, New Year’s is a magical time, with the lights from the holiday season still lingering and a brand New Year just ahead, just bursting with possibilities. Make the most of this important day and create a wonderful and enchanting moment that will be one of the most special events of your lives together.

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