Top Most Ridiculous Diamond and Jeweled Items

It is no secret that everyone likes diamonds and that those who can afford it use diamonds to decorate anything imaginable. However, there is a fine line between having a diamond pen, or even a diamond studded phone or iPad and having a gem studded surveillance camera, vacuum cleaner, or flat iron.  These items may not display actual diamonds, but they are practically the only things missing from the adorned mundane items.  White or colored diamonds just put these objects over the top.  Here is a closer look at some of the most ridiculous and expensive enhanced gadgets.

Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 Flat Iron

The Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 Flat iron boasts 2,453 hand-applied genuine Swarovski crystals.  In order to ensure the authenticity of the crystals, the flat iron comes with a certificate of authenticity and a plaque from the London Swarovski Factory as proof.

24K Gold Kindle

This compact and handy book reader may have held its glory in being a reasonably priced tablet compared to others such as the iPad.  However, the 24K Gold Amosu Coutor Kindle has stripped it of that claim, since the asking price for this luxurious gadget is $1,965.

The Electrolux Swarovski Crystal Vacuum Cleaner

One would think that a jeweled covered vacuum cleaner was a possible threat to itself by being able to vacuum fallen stones.  However, since the stones could always be removed from the bag, and because a retail price of $23,000 should ensure secured stones, that is not the reason this Swarovski-studded vacuum cleaner is absolutely ridiculous. Rather, the 3,730 black Swarovski crystals that cover the Electrolux 3730 vacuum cleaner are what give it that title.  This has put the appliance in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dallmeier Swarovski-Studded Surveillance Camera

Not only is this $2,015 item as mundane as can be, but also the fact that it is so embellished seems extremely counter productive.  The 1/3 DPS image sensor and Cam-inPIX technology may capture potential thieves, but the images obtained may be of the thieves trying to remove the camera itself! They may not be diamonds, but the sparkling Swarovski crystals sure do give off an attractive and expensive look. The tag price doesn’t come cheap either.

Henri Bendel Crystal and Diamond Earbuds

iPhones, iPads, and even iPods have received the royal treatment of being covered in gold, platinum, and/or diamonds, so why not the earbuds as well? This pair is encrusted with real diamonds instead of the crystal versions, which are more commonly found.  As a result, the price is significantly higher. While a crystal pair can cost you a mere $60, diamond earphones will cost a good $4,500 to $60,000.  The silver and white diamond buds may be suitable for some, but for those who are after a little color, there are pairs available in pink and yellow crystals.  For the real spenders out there, colored diamonds is always a possibility.

Perhaps such items are not worthy of a diamond’s beauty, but if you are already spending such sums of money on things like crystal vacuums and flat irons, then why not? Since these days TVs, phones, shoes, and handbags seems to be deserving of the rare stone, then these handy objects should be as well.  In any case, it is always entertaining and interesting to take a look at lavish and extravagant gadgets,, regardless of how ridiculous they may be.

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