Which Celebrity Ring Matches Your Style

When it comes to the most exciting and exhilarating engagement rings every woman has her own personal taste, but it’s always fun and interesting to see which famous person shares that taste with you. From Carrie Underwood’s yellow diamond ring to Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire heirloom to Carrie Ann Inaba’s princess-shaped diamond engagement ring, take a look and see who thinks like you when it comes to engagement bling.

Various Fancy Color Diamond Colors

It may seem like Hollywood is swarming with colorless diamond rings but the fact is that fancy color diamonds have been popping up everywhere for years now. Different colors speak to different people with varying personalities. Here are some fancy color diamond colors and celebrities who have received rings of the respective color. 

Yellow – Carrie Underwood famously received an engagement ring that matched her golden locks. The yellow diamond ring by Jonathan Arndt is classic yet exciting with a round yellow stone surrounded by a halo of colorless diamonds.

Pink – Pink diamonds are very sought after due to their soft and feminine hue. While many talk about it, you don't see it as often because the color demands a pretty steep price. Jennifer Lopez went with a gorgeous pink diamond center stone flanked by two amazing colorless diamonds.


Blue - Though it is not her engagement ring, Jane Seymour modeled a phenomenal 2.08-carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring that has been dubbed” The Jane Seymour.” If you have chosen this highly unusual and rare stone, you share a very high level taste that even celebrities only get to model. 

Black – One celebrity who rocked a black diamond engagement ring was Carmen Electra. Her dark stone is fitting given her Goth-like style and young and fun personality. If black diamonds fit your personality, you have similar taste to Carmen, Brooke Burns, and Kat Von D.

Brown - Kristen Bell received a 3-carat emerald-cut brown diamond for her engagement. The bubbly movie star toned down her jewels with this earth-colored stone, which complements her golden hair and complexion flawlessly.


Sapphire - Who can forget Princess Dianna’s stunning blue sapphire engagement ring that was passed down to Kate Middleton? If you are into the blue gemstone, you must have a royal side to you, just like Dianna and Kate!

Ruby – Jessica Simpson’s 5-carat ruby and diamond ring is one of the most famous celebrity ruby rings. Neil Lane designed the classic ring, which has a twist since the side stones are pear-shaped.

Emerald – When Olivier Martinez popped the question to Halle Berry, emerald rings took on a whole new meaning. Hers will forever be remembered as one of the more beautiful emerald engagement rings, with both a green emerald and colorless diamonds set upon a sophisticated band.

Diamond Shapes

A diamond shape is more than just another ring detail. It adds to the way in which the ring blends with your body build and it can also say a lot about your personality. Beautiful celebrities of all shapes and sizes have chosen various diamond shapes. Here are the most popular ones and the celebs that decided to make them their own.

Princess – Carrie Ann Inaba, who filled in for a Dancing with the Stars judge received a classic and breathtaking princess-shaped 2.5-carat colorless diamond ring from boyfriend Jesse Sloan.

Pear – Charlene Wittstock, who married Prince Albert II of Monaco, received a 3-carat pear-shaped engagement ring surrounded by a halo of round colorless diamonds

Round – One of the best examples of a celebrity with a round diamond is Miranda Kerr, who just recently received a round diamond ring from Evan Spiegel. The simplicity and natural beauty of the shape says it all.

Cushion – Jennifer Garner was lucky enough to be presented with a 4.5-carat cushion-cut engagement ring. Other famous cushion-shaped rings include those of Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, and Jewel.

Marquise – In 1999, Michael Douglas proposed to Catherine Zeta Jones with a 10-carat Marquise diamond ring.

Emerald – Kate Hudson became betrothed to Matthew Bellamy upon accepting a magnificent emerald-shaped colorless diamond ring.

Heart – Lady Gaga is one of the few celebrities out there who was given a heart-shaped diamond ring. Not that it means anything, but the pair broke off their engagement a year later. The heart shape is very out there, just like Lady Gaga, so if you’ve chosen this shape; chances are you’ve got a daring personality as well.

Radiant – Hollywood sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, boasts an almost 4-carat radiant-cut ring by Graff diamonds. She married Will Kopelman in 2012.

Oval – Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as she is now known, possesses one of the most famous oval celebrity engagement rings of all times. It’s the sapphire and diamond halo ring that once belonged to the late Princess Dianna. Jennifer Aniston is another example of a celebrity with a remarkably beautiful oval diamond engagement ring.


No matter how unique your ring is, you are bound to share the color or shape (or both) with some celebrity or another. Learning more about that celeb’s ring, style, and vibe can help direct you when choosing a setting if you haven’t yet done so. If that isn’t enough, get inspired by our most recently purchased jewelry!

Take a look at our collection of beautiful colored diamond and gemstone jewelry, and let us know which color and shape you like best!

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