Would you Consider Piercing your Finger as Opposed to Wearing a Diamond Ring?

We are all familiar with the classic style of jewelry, but just when you thought you heard and saw it all, they come out with something as shocking and intriguing as dermal diamond finger piercings. They are just what they sound like, and might be uncomfortably picturing in your head: diamonds pierced into your finger!

LEIBISH emerald jewelry

LEIBISH emerald jewelry

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Although it sounds mighty painful, it raises a question of how this trend differs from piercing one’s ears, nose, belly button, and even eyebrows with these precious stones. Granted, this is territory fairly new to the piercing game, but is far from being unfamiliar with diamonds in general. After all, diamonds are mostly known for being worn on the “engagement finger;” so is this really so different? Let us take a look at this slightly bizarre trend, what it entails, and what the pros and cons may be.

How It Works

The concept of piercing one’s finger sounds simple, but if you give it a bit of thought, you realize that in contrast to other types of piercings, there isn’t really any skin to grab hold of. Earlobes are simple, noses a bit trickier but the same concept, and belly buttons and eyebrows have lots of soft skin to work with. But a finger? Add the fact that fingers are needed for everyday tasks, unlike the other body parts mentioned. That is why the technique for dermal diamond finger piercings is a little different. First, an anchor is placed underneath the skin. Then, a dermal diamond is attached to the anchor. Finally, the entire surrounding area is stitched in order to keep the diamond in place. Although we are primarily focusing on the finger, the same process is used when the diamonds are pierced elsewhere on the body, such as the upper chest, in place of a pendant.

The Pros

It might take a little getting used to, in terms of the idea and the appearance, but this phenomenon has its perks. The good thing about this trend is that it is reversible, although it will likely leave a scar. You won’t have to be bothered having to wear a ring at all times and the cost will be less because there is no setting involved. Another advantage is that it is a unique way to display your commitment, as it is a bit more demanding than simply wearing a ring. Lastly, you won’t misplace it and it is much harder to lose than a diamond ring.

The Cons

Do we even have to mention the main downside to dermal diamond finger piercings which would be the pain involved and the potential for infection? This sort of jewelry statement requires more upkeep than virtually any other piece because it is a piercing, and piercings require care. The fingers are also in an area that is exposed to plenty of dirt so it is important to make sure it remains clean. Although you can have the piercing removed, it’s not something you can change your mind about every day like a diamond ring: once it’s on it’s on; once it’s off it’s off. Another thing is the setting. As much as the center stone is the focal point of a diamond ring, the setting it is mounted in will significantly change the appearance. Different settings will present the stone in a completely different way and can enhance the look dramatically.

Despite sounding strange, it’s a question whether diamond finger piercings are as crazy as they might sound. Having said that, it is highly doubtful that this phenomenon will replace diamond rings. Getting your finger pierced takes serious commitment (and guts) and many people probably feel that getting engaged is commitment enough. Having the ability to take off your ring when you want to is definitely something most are not willing to give up. It might be cheaper, but in the long run, it is more trouble than it is pretty. Plus, you are already marrying a person. You don’t need to marry a diamond piercing too.

If dermal diamond finger piercings are not your cup of tea, browse through our diamond engagement ring collection and let us know what you like best!

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