Frequently Asked Questions About Red Diamonds

As one of the rarest of all color diamonds, there is much to know about red diamonds, even though they are so difficult to find. From just how rare red diamonds are, what intensities these stones are found with, to where in the world one can find these remarkable stones. Many questions have been asked about this incredibly unique color diamond. Here is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about red diamonds. 

0.53 carat fancy red diamond ring0.80 carat Red Oval set

A Two remarkably set red diamond rings.
One with a 0.53 carat fancy red and the other with an 0.80 carat oval diamond

  1. What are red diamonds and are they real?

    Red diamonds are genuine, natural diamonds found with a surprising crimson color. They are not rubies, garnets, or any other type of gemstone. They are diamonds with all the amazing aspects of a diamond, including its unbelievably durability. On top of that, they have the perk of being magnificently red. Also, although most fancy colors can be found in one of 9 different intensities, red diamonds only exist in one single intensity - Fancy Red. Albeit they are in one intensity, there are different hues of red available.

    Fancy red diamonds in different hues of red color

  2. How rare are red diamonds?

    While yellow and brown diamonds are some of the more common color diamonds, red diamonds are considered among the rarest of all color diamonds, surpassing purple, orange, and pink diamonds.

    0.80 carat Fancy Red Argyle Tender Stone

    An 0.80 carat Fancy Red Red Argyle Tender diamond

  3. Where are reds diamonds found?

    Red diamonds are found in few mines around the globe including Australia, Brazil, Russia, and India. In far, the Argyle mine which is renowned for their production of some of the most amazing pinks, blues and reds, will often include the best reds they find each year in their annual Argyle Tender. The Tender is comprised of a collection of anywhere between 40-60 of the best of the best and usually will include only 1, 2, or 3 red diamonds.

  4. Where are red diamonds sold?

    Unlike most other diamonds, including color diamonds such as yellow and even pink diamonds, most red diamonds are not bought by consumers, but rather, by collectors seeking to complete their lavish collections. These stones are sold at very high prices and therefore sought after only by those who seek out only the very best diamonds available. Red diamonds are generally not for sale at local jewelers and must be tracked down at auction houses and various specialty sales dedicated to collectors and investors. Needless to say, there are few of the high-end luxury companies sell them to the general public, but again, there are not many that are available! Have a look at Leibish's red diamond collection!

    Leibish's Red Diamonds Page

    The red diamond catalog page on Leibish's website

  5. What makes red diamonds red?

    Every color diamond has a cause for the unique color. In yellow and blue diamonds for example, the colors are caused by impurities present in the stones. Nitrogen and boron, respectively, cause the yellow and blue colors. Pink diamonds are a whole different story. It is believed that the color is a result of deformations in the crystal lattice structure of the diamond. This process occurred due to the immense pressure diamonds endured under the earth's surface for millions of years. Red diamonds are basically a very intensely concentrated version of pink diamonds, resulting in a deep and savory rare red diamond.

a collection of red diamonds

A beautiful collection of red diamonds

Prices for red diamonds, which are usually found in small sizes due to their rarity, are very high, and not within budget for the average jewelry consumer. As an example, the largest red diamond recorded is the Moussaieff Red, which is only 5.11 carats. Nevertheless, red diamonds make intriguing passion investment pieces and are always cherished by those lucky enough to own them.

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