Travis Scott’s New Color Diamond Grills

Ordinary items that are covered in diamonds are not a new concept, nor are the various unorthodox types of diamond body jewelry, including diamond grills. However, despite the ever-growing popularity of these tooth ornaments, the appearance (and price) of such embellishments can come as quite the shock. Recently rapper Travis Scott shelled out a steep $25,000 on 10-carat blue, white, pink, and brown diamond 18K gold grills by Johnny Dang (aka TV Johnny.) Though the extraordinary pieces of jewelry have yet to be revealed, the jeweler announced the purchase via Instagram.

Diamond Grills

Diamond-studded teeth are not new to the rapper scene, with the likes of Kanye West already rocking blingy teeth several years ago, in 2010. He showed off his gold and diamond bottom teeth, which may or may not have replaced his original teeth due to a car crash. In his case, they were his actual teeth and not a grill. Paul Wall, T-Pain, Nelly, and Lil Wayne are other examples of celebs that have gone for the grill look. Paul Wall not only sports the glitzy mouthpieces, but designs them as well. T-Pain spent $30,000 on his choice of grill, which was adorned with yellow diamonds. Nelly loves grills so much that he wrote a song about it “Grillz,” and Lil Wayne has one of the most expensive smiles in Hollywood with his $150,000 grill.

Grill Competition

Given the fact that diamond grills are very pricey as well as extremely “out there,” one would think they still exude plenty of individuality. Nevertheless there are those celebrities who feel fellow grill wearers are stepping on their toes and stealing their thunder. Tyga’s purple grill seems to have started some trouble, although each artist’s choice of mouth jewelry appears to be a reflection of his own personal taste and style. For instance, “happy” Pharrel Williams has a delightful rainbow colored set to match his bright personality.

Controversy or no controversy, we look forward to the debut of these color diamonds grills, which are scheduled to make an appearance when Scott hits the stage later this month as part of Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour.

He should wear them in good health!

Interested in seeing the different types of jewelry Leibish creates? Browse through the gallery and let us know if you see anything you like!

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