The World's Most Expensive Guitar Decorated with Diamonds

Everyone recognizes diamonds as a luxury item, but putting it together with a musical instrument seems somewhat strange. One is used to reflect elegance, wealth, and beauty, while the other often portrays music, emotion, and song. Although both are loved and recognized by all, they have nothing to do with one another… until now. Behold the Eden of Coronet, a $2 million guitar encrusted with diamonds galore!

 We have heard of diamond watches, diamond belts, diamond shoes, and even diamond cars. So what about diamond guitars? Well, Coronet, the Hong-Kong based jewelry brand, decided to make its debut with a one-of-a-kind diamond guitar. Together with Chow Tai, Gibson Brands, and designer Mark Lui, the jewelry brand managed to create the most expensive guitar on the planet. It even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most valuable guitar. Known as “Eden of Coronet,” the piece is decorated with over 400 carats worth of diamonds set in approximately 3.5 pounds of 18K gold. It took 68 individuals and 700 workdays to complete this unique project, according to Coronet.

The Guitar

On April 8, 2015, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong, Gregory So, attended a party celebrating the “Eden of Coronet” being crowned the Guinness Book of World Record’s most valuable guitar. The musical piece is studded with 11, 441 diamond pieces. Designed by Aaron Shum, the guitar is valued at $2 million. About Coronet Founded by Aaron Shum, who serves as the president and designer of the company, Coronet is all about beauty, fulfillment, and enlightening women’s lives.

About Chow Tai

Chow Tai is a huge Hong Kong-based company that is involved with a variety of industries including hotels, property development, casinos, port, telecommunications, transportation, and jewelry. The Chow Tai Fook Jewelry brand is very popular in Mandarin and Cantonese speaking areas. The company has over 1,000 chain stores and has made significant moves over the years including purchasing a record-breaking diamond for $35.3 million in 2010.

About Gibson Brands

As one of the leading manufacturers of guitars and other musical instruments, Gibson Brands, which is based in Nashville, Tennesee, was the go-to company when it came to partnering up with a guitar brand. Together with the other leading names, the creation of the “Eden of Coronet” was made possible.

About Mark Lui

Since establishing his company in 2009, Mark Lui has been busy with interior designing as well as designing men’s fashion. However, now, only six years after debuting his company, Lui has exited his “comfort zone” and tried his hand at some new territory: jewelry. His first jewelry collection “Coronet by Mark Lui” was unveiled at Baselworld 2015, with the spotlight on the remarkable “Eden of Coronet.”

Some of the greatest ideas and results come to be when the finest minds partner with one another. The “Eden of Coronet” is not just the most valuable guitar in the world; it is also the symbol of worlds colliding and endless opportunities at one’s fingertips.

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