$45,000 Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond Baby Rattle for Princess Charlotte

Some babies have an array of gifts waiting for them before they even leave the hospital, like baby blankets, onesies, stretchies, hats, and baby booties, and of course a whole selection of the latest infant toys. Some babies are born “with a silver spoon” in their mouths.

The funny thing is, as with many phrases and sayings, this one actually has a backing. Wealthy babies were indeed gifted with sterling silver spoons, and though this isn’t quite the same as being born with a silver spoon in their mouths, it most certainly signifies the level of wealth awaiting them. After all, if a tiny infant who cannot even understand the concept of silver and what it symbolizes is fed his or her very first solid foods with none other than a sterling silver spoon, it can only be fathomed what is in store for such a privileged child.

A spectacular 130 ct Burmese Sapphire Necklace - possibly a gift for a lucky royal baby?

Now, it is very much public and general knowledge that the much adored royal couple, Kate and William, have welcomed a baby girl into their family and that that family is far from lacking anything. Yet the sea of gifts heading this little girl’s way is absolutely astounding. Among the many gifts that have already been received and that are expected to arrive, perhaps a silver spoon among them, is an extraordinary baby rattle.

A baby rattle is one of the most basic items a baby can receive, so this cannot be some average toy if it is intended to be used by the fourth in line to the throne. The rattle, which is being created by Natural Sapphire, will be crafted from white gold and adorned with some of the finest sapphire, ruby, and diamond stones on the planet. 

The exquisite precious stones will form the British Flag, also known as the Union Jack, on top of the rattle. Additional stones will embellish other areas of the rattle as well. Once the company begins production, it should take several weeks before the rattle is completed and ready to be shipped to baby Charlotte. This $45,000 rattle has got to be the most expensive rattle in the world, if not a close second. In any case, this will be one pampered (spoiled) little girl! Let’s hope her parents manage to instill some important values in her amid all the luxury and wealth that has surrounded her from day one. This is far from the most mundane household item that has ever been bedazzled, as many more ridiculous things have been covered in jewels before.

What do you think? Does the Princess need a bejeweled rattle?

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