5 Great Tips for Efficiently Storing and Organizing Jewelry

Acquiring jewels, whether as gifts, purchases, or heirlooms, is always fun. However, if you have neglected to organize them right away, having all of these jewelry pieces might actually be quite daunting. In order to help you get the most from you jewels, and assist you in caring for them along the way, we have come up with 5 efficient and helpful tips that will de-clutter your jewelry box and get things back in order.

Leibish Jewelry Box

The Leibish jewelry box

1. Get One Very Large Jewelry Box with Many Compartments:

If you haven’t already, get yourself the largest jewelry box you can find. Even if you can only fill up half of it, just do it. Having to replace your jewelry box as your collection continues to grow can be aggravating and might not end up happening. Play it safe and go for the big one now. Your jewelry will appreciate the extra space for the time being and you will be able to keep things neat much more easily. Stay away from boxes with one large compartment, or something similar. Everything will get tangled and mixed up, and it will defeat the purpose of trying to be organized.

2. Divide Jewelry by Type:

Every jewelry category deserves its own section. This means that all of your rings should be placed together, all of your earrings, your bracelets, and so forth. Now, if you really have a lot, you can be even more efficient and organized and divide your jewels based on sub-categories. This can mean that all of your white gold and platinum rings go together, and all of your yellow gold rings go together. Or, all of your diamond and gemstone rings go in one section, and your plain ones in another. It’s up to you; whatever will make locating your pieces the easiest.

3. Link Your Earrings Together:

Most jewelry boxes have a cushioned section for stud earrings. They hold the studs snugly while displaying them beautifully. Hoops and earrings with a clasp are a little more complicated. These can be put in a number of other spots, but the important thing is to keep them together. This is best accomplished when you hook the earrings to each other. This way they will never get separated, even if they move around in the box a bit.

4. Store Delicate Necklaces in Individual Boxes, Packages or on Hooks:

Although it is preferable to keep all of your jewels in one (safe) place, there are other things to consider as well. This of course includes delicate items such as chain necklaces, which have a knack for getting knotted. That is why keeping them in individual boxes or, better yet, individual packages within the jewelry box is recommended. Alternatively, you can place them on hooks, which can be found in some types of jewelry boxes, jewelry closets, or purchased individually and hung up wherever you have room.

5. Keep Your Jewelry in a Dry, Cool, and Safe Spot:

A good jewelry box can help store your jewels and keep them organized but it is up to you to put it somewhere dry, cool, and clean and to make sure it is in a safe spot in the house. This means it is best for it not to be in sight and to be far away from windows. Everything of course should be insured, and you should follow the insurance closely so that you are aware when the policy ends or changes and when you need to add or remove something.


Leibish yellow diamond jewelry

When your jewelry is not being worn, it should be taken care of. This will prevent it from getting lost, tarnished, wet, dusty, or crushed. Having everything in one place makes it simpler and faster to find what you are looking for. Opening box after box only to close it and put it back is frustrating and time consuming. It is tempting to save all of those boxes, but for the most part there is no need for them in the long run. If a specific jewel comes with certain instructions for its care that requires it to remain in its box, it can be placed in the jewelry box whilst still in its original packaging. It should still be organized so that it can be found with ease and so that it is not forgotten.

Happy shopping!

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