Argyle diamonds have always been considered rare and valuable, long before the news of the mine’s impending closure was announced. Although Rio Tinto worked exceptionally hard unearthing as many diamonds as possible, the demand has constantly outnumbered the supply. In order to reach additional diamonds via underground mining, 2000 meters deep, a capital investment of over $2 billion would be required. This is not a feasible venture for Argyle, which is why the mine is now practically depleted. Prices are therefore going up, though this has not been a deterrent for diamond collectors and enthusiasts. The largest demand for Argyle pink diamonds actually comes from Australia itself, where the mine is located. Our in-house Marketing Expert, Israel Segall, who hails from the land Down Under himself and explains it perfectly: “Argyle diamonds are a piece of Australia,” and it is a piece that everyone wants.

Argyle Tender Purchases

Over the past fifteen years, we have purchased and polished many Argyle diamonds, some of which were acquired through the prestigious Argyle Tenders that we attended throughout the past decade.

In 2012 alone, we won 17 stones, which all sold out incredibly fast. While violet blues and violet grays were part of the 2012 collection, they have since disappeared from the market.

2015 saw the sale of 25 stones from the Argyle Tender that our GG Graduate GIA Gemologist won. His secret? He offered larger sums than the others and paid more than he had intended to spend.

Only one single magnificent stone was won in 2016: a 0.71-carat Fancy Intense Pink Emerald IF diamond, LOT 63 of the Tender.

The 2018 Argyle Tender was one of the finest to date. We won three stones, two of which sold immediately. The third, a 2.34-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond, was named “The Leibish Kimberley Rose Diamond.”

The Leibish Kimberley Rose Diamond

This magnificent stone received its name due to its unique raspberry hue. The radiant-shaped diamond boasts SI1 clarity, and is graded by the GIA and Argyle. It was number 63 at the 2018 Argyle Tender, and stood out drastically thanks to its size, color, and luster. The 2.34-carat stone has a Good polish grade and a Good symmetry grade. It has an original Argyle certificate, laser inscription, Argyle book, and a Tender box.

Argyle Tender Creations

After we receive the highly coveted Argyle Tender stones, we polish them and design the perfect settings upon which they are mounted. Diamond shapes are generally chosen in order to enhance a diamond’s natural qualities. However, some shapes are simply irresistible and give off a different aura. The princess cut is the perfect example of a shape that exudes aristocracy and royalty. Although many of the Argyle diamonds that we have bought and polished over the years turned out to be exceptional jewelry pieces, this one ring designed by Chavi Itzhakov showcasing a princess-cut pink diamond, is truly a stunning combination of superb materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Another example of an Argyle diamond piece is this Fancy Intense Pink Princess Halo Diamond Ring featuring a center stone weighing 1.45 carats, certified by the GIA and Argyle. The stone is set in platinum and 18K rose gold, and is complemented by twenty collection color trapezoids.

Argyle Fancy Intense Pink Princess Halo Diamond Ring (2.89Ct TW) SKU:   380731

Each and every Argyle diamond that passes through our doors is dear to our hearts. We share the joy with you as we show you these treasures and do our utmost to match them up with the right customer. If you would like to learn more about Argyle diamonds, please do not hesitate to contact us.