Celebrating love on Valentine's day

“For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day

Whan every foul cometh there to choose his mate.”

This quote from 1935 was the first mentioning of St. Valentine’s Day as a day for romance and love. It’s taken from the “Parliament of Foules” poem by English poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

But what’s the origin of this date and who was St. Valentine?

Why do we celebrate Valentine's?

Let’s journey back to Rome during the third century when Emperor Claudius II decided that war was above love. The Emperor believed that an army of single young men would be better than an army of soldiers with a loved one waiting for them at home. With this in mind, marriage was outlawed at once.

But a person by the name of Valentine could not stand this decree.

Some say he was a priest or a bishop that performed marriage ceremonies secretly and was sentenced to death once he was discovered.

Another legend speaks of a different Valentine, a prisoner, and his forbidden love of the daughter of his jailor. Before his death, Valentine sent her a card signed "From your Valentine."

The date of the death of these Valentines was supposedly February 14 that became Valentine's day

Another explanation for this date is related to the Lupercalia fertility festivities that were taking place around mid-February. As part of the festivities, women would place their names on a piece of paper and the males of the city would randomly choose a name that will become their mate.

Christianizing this pagan celebration the church made it into St. Valentine's day. 

Today Valentine's day is the time to celebrate love and romance. A time in which you shower your loved ones with gifts that symbolize your feelings. 

Just like your eternal love, diamonds are forever. From fancy color gemstone to the rare Argyle diamonds, jewelry is the perfect gift for your valentine. 

Valentines gift diamonds

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