Diamond Dentures for a Million Dollar Smile

It can be hard to resist the beauty of diamond jewelry, which account for the most luxurious pieces of jewelry around, but it has come to a whole new level when these precious gems began adorning mundane items such as pens, shoes, and belts. Well, Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic deserves some sort of award for originality in the diamond sphere as they have recently introduced the concept of diamond and gold dentures to the diamond and dental industries. Though this oral bling might not be for everyone, nor is it suitable for all occasions, it will definitely make you the center of attention.


The Materials


In order to create the ideal dentures that would meet both medical and gemological standards, this company made sure to acquire authenticity and clarity certificates from the Gemological Institute of Belgium, for both the diamonds and the gold. A total of 10 grams of pure 24K gold and over 160 round diamonds weighing more than 2.5 carats were used to create these unique dentures, the most expensive ones in the world.


The Downside


While those in need of dentures who also appreciate the finer things in life might jump at the opportunity to boast such lavish dentures, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. For starters, such expensive and complex dentures should not have much contact with food and drinks, even though that is their primary purpose. Secondly, these glitzy teeth come at quite the cost. A set of dentures will ring up a bill of almost $154,000.


The Upside


Nevertheless, despite the hefty price and limitations that these dentures entail, they will surely be the talk of the town. Additionally, you can have these dentures ready for you after two short visits and fittings at the dentist’s office, without any need for drillings or fillings.


As strange as this new product may sound, it still has a place right next to some of the other rather bizarre items embellished with diamonds and other gemstones that we have seen surface over the years. From crystal-studded vacuum cleaners to solid gold iPhones and diamond embedded iPads, there is no shortage of unique items that have been chosen to be covered in the precious gem. Perhaps the item closest to these diamond dentures in terms of strangeness is the diamond grill that has become a trend in some circles. In any case, we are sure that this product will find its target audience and will succeed in making waves in this niche. After all, diamonds are diamonds, and who would say no to that?


If diamond dentures, although interesting, aren't really your cup of tea, but you like the idea of something a little different from the norm, take a look at some of the finest fancy color diamond engagement rings. Who knows, maybe remaining along the lines or normalcy but still being a little unique is just what the doctor ordered.

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