Nike Introduces New Diamond Soccer Cleats

Sneaker and sports equipment giant Nike, presented footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with a pair of diamond Nike football cleats in honor of his third Ballon d’Or award. Already considered a rare and unique shoe, these boots are taken to a whole new level with the addition of some diamonds to the shoe’s logo. It’s unbelievable how an ordinary item can magically transform with the help of something so precious.

Diamond Encrusted Cleats

Ordinarily, the Mercurial CR7 football cleats display a stunning gold hue along with the very visible CR7 logo. On this very special edition of the boots there are diamonds carefully adorning the logo. The logo, which combines the football star’s initials and shirt number, is one of the main attractions of the shoe. The Nike designers found it very fitting to decorate the football cleats with diamonds cut from a larger diamond, because just as a diamond cutter chips away at a seemingly perfect object, so does Ronaldo constantly strive for perfection despite his “perfect” image.

Nike and Diamonds

Though this is a first for Nike in terms of diamond CR7 boots, it is not the first attempt made by Nike to incorporate the precious stone into their shoes. Nike’s Socal Air Force 1 Supreme Max sneakers, which were created by Ernel Dawkins and Rita Patel, sold for $50,000 thanks to the 11 carats of Fancy Brown Diamonds that adorned the Nike logo on the shoes. The proceeds of the sale may have gone to charity, but who is to say that these snazzy pieces of footwear weren’t put to good use?

Diamond Heels

These Ronaldo sneakers were not the first Nike diamond sneakers to be made, but they are still far less common than women’s diamond heels. Over the years many glitzy stilettos have been hitting store shelves, some of them displaying real diamonds. Among these incredibly valuable and unique heels are several pairs by the one and only Stuart Weitzman. In fact, at least seven different pairs of Stuart Weitzman diamond heels were named as some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious shoes on various lists mentioning lavish and expensive items. From diamond studded sandals, such as the Platinum Guild Stilettos and the Cinderella Slippers to diamond encrusted pumps, Weitzman has given women their ultimate dream: the ability to wear diamonds from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes.

It may or may not come as a surprise that diamonds and sports shoes can meet , but Nike’s part in the creation of such a special and unique product is most definitely monumental. Who knows? Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new line of diamond football cleats.

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