Famous Beau Sancy Diamond to Be Auctioned

No diamond collection is complete without a historic or famous stone, though they are extremely difficult, not to mention expensive, to obtain.  Those with the budget will soon have the opportunity to own such a diamond since the legendary Beau Sancy, a 400-year-old diamond, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s on May 14th.

The 34.98-carat pear-shaped diamond, featuring 110 perfectly symmetrical facets, including two small table facets, is unique for being the first of its kind to be cut over four centuries ago. It is also believed to have been the first Indian stone to make its way to Europe.

The Beau Sancy is one of the world’s oldest, most beautiful and most coveted diamonds. Though the gem was owned privately until now, it will soon be auctioned, giving anyone the chance to be the jewel’s next owner. It is estimated to bring in approximately $4 million. Now on display in Paris, the Beau Sancy will be moved to Zurich and London before it will be auctioned off.

The one-of-a-kind diamond has an intriguing history.  It originated in the mines of Golconda, India, and was discovered in the 16th century. Cut when the pear shape was considered new and different, the Beau Sancy quickly became a highly desired stone. Named after its first owner the Lord of Sancy, the gem was then sold in 1604 to French King Henry IV who bought it as a gift for his wife Marie de Medici, one of the richest women in Europe at the time. The diamond caused such an uproar that the King had to have it for his wife.

After the King’s murder, his wife was left penniless and was forced to sell the jewel.  The diamond passed through four royal European families including the House of Orange in England.  The last emperor of Germany’s descendants, were the most recent owners of the Beau Sancy.

The sparkling gem is unique and has been cherished for centuries.  The upcoming auction is a rare opportunity to acquire such a valuable and symbolic jewel. Eyes will be watching as the Beau Sancy is bid upon and given a new home this May.

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