Outrageous $2 Million Diamond Shoes

Diamond shoes may seem like something only fit for the lady folk, but that is quite the mistaken assumption. A pair of fully encrusted diamond shoes worth $2 million, which may snag the Guinness World Record for most expensive shoes, were recently worn by the famous Nick Canon during the America’s Got Talent’s finale. Though these might be the most lavish diamond shoes ever made, they are certainly not the only ones. There have many attempts at creating luxurious diamond shoes, for women as well as for men, such as the he Princess Constellation Shoes which were set with 1,290 diamonds and worth $340,000. 

Million Dollar Shoes

Nick Cannon, the host of the hit show, America’s Got Talent, took his passion for fashion a little too far when he appeared wearing Tom Ford shoes, completely covered in sparkling diamonds. At $2 million a pair, each shoe is worth a whopping $1 million, which is the exact amount awarded to the winner of the popular talent show. Over 14,000 round brilliant diamonds were used to create these sensational shoes. Set upon white gold, the diamonds come to a total of 340 carats. Though Cannon only wore these beauties for one night and plans to auction them off, it took a whole year to create them. Jason Arasheben, a jewelry designer and CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, is responsible for the incredible design. Cannon approached Jason after becoming familiar with his work and his ability to create unbelievable diamond items. They worked together to come up with this unusual masterpiece, the first of its kind in men’s fashion. 

Men’s Diamond Shoes

The Tom Ford Shoes that Nick Canon wore are not the only footwear lucky enough to be adorned with the precious stones. Other rather typical shoes and sneakers became instant jewels with a little dazzle from some good old diamonds. Nike came out with Air Force 1 sneakers priced at $50,000, due to 11 carats worth of diamonds embedded within the shoes. The high-end shoe brand, Testoni, released a pair of $38,000 shoes featuring a gold and diamond buckle, while Aubercy introduced a dressy men’s shoe called “Phil” that is encrusted with diamonds on its tip.

Women’s Diamond Shoes

When it comes to diamond shoes for women, diamond shoes and the name Stuart Weitzman come hand in hand. The designer is responsible for some of the most incredible, beautiful, and expensive diamond stilettos, sandals, and shoes of all time. Some of his creations include The Diamond Dream Stilettos, the Retro Rose Pumps, the Platinum Guild Stilettos, and his Tanzanite Heels.

Diamonds are the sturdiest substance on the planet and yet they are not ideal for everyday wear and tear, which most shoes are exposed to. Nevertheless, there are those privileged enough to own such shoes and can do with them as they please. We can’t wait to see what else these visionaries come up with!

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