Pink Diamonds Sold at Auction

One of the main platforms for rare jewels to be viewed,viewed, showcased, and assessed, pink diamonds included, is the at auction platform. Prestigious auctions take place at different distinguished auction houses throughout locations worldwide. At these events, some of the world’s most desirable and coveted items make their way to display boxes where public and anonymous bids are accepted. The highest bidder gets to walk away with what is sometimes known as a historic win, and a forever-memorable auction sale.


Since colored diamond prices aren’t listed, similar to how colorless stones are priced according to the Rapaport list, auction results are considered quite important. Although not everyone is looking to purchase important stones, the realized prices still highly affect the market prices. Take a look below at some of the most important Pink Diamonds sold at auction as well as a collection of excellent examples which both impacted and displayed the direction of this multifaceted trend.

The Most Important Pink Diamond Sold at Auction

Since 2006, over 16 auction price records have been broken on almost an annual basis, including the most expensive price paid per carat at auction! Here are the most expensive diamonds sold at auction.
 Here is the selection of top Pink Diamonds sold at auction.


The Graff Pink


The name “Graff” holds great meaning in the diamond world and one cannot mention Pink Diamonds without the “Graff Pink” coming to mind. This 24.78-carat stone sold for a steep $46.2 million at Sotheby’s Geneva, on November 16,2010. The rectangular-cut Fancy Intense Pink Diamond is set on a ring with two White Diamond side stones.


The Princie Diamond


This slightly lesser known Pink Diamond is a cushion-cut Fancy Intense Pink Golconda stone, weighing 34.65 carats. It was sold at a Christie’s New York auction on April 16, 2013. This diamond has superb clarity and is extremely rare. It surpassed the impressive sale of the Wittelsbach Diamond, which sold in 2008 for $24.3 million. An anonymous phone bidder who is a diamond collector made the purchase. The Princie Diamond is the most valuable diamond to originate from the famous Golconda mine.


The Vivid Pink

When assessing a fancy colored diamond, all the emphasis is placed on the color of the stone. Needless to say, all the attributes are important, but the color is the most significant. Hence, it was no surprise that although The Vivid Pink is only 5.00 carats, it still made a huge splash in the market. The exquisite colored diamond ring, by Graff, is set with a cushion-shaped Fancy Vvivid Ppink diamond weighing 5.00 carats, and is flanked on either side by a shield-shaped diamond.


Pink Diamond Market Trends

In order to demonstrate how the market prices have appreciated, results of diamonds, which possess similar attributes to one another, were selected. The diamonds below are obviously not all the diamonds that have appeared atin auction over the past fifteen years. However, they clearly show in which direction the market is heading.

It is always intriguing and exciting to follow the various sales at auctions around the globe since the anticipated bids are often far off and the final price can greatly exceed the initial estimates. It is all about supply and demand, as well as the particular appearance and quality of the items up for auction. Just like with any other record, a diamond’s record is meant to be broken. We eagerly anticipate news of record breaking Pink Diamonds sold at auction.

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