The Diamond and Gold Mercedes Benz Key

 Here’s a riddle for all of you who enjoy a good diamond-related mind teaser: what’s made from gold, encrusted with 300 diamonds and gemstones weighing 3.14 carats, can fit in the palm of your hand, and yet valuates at approximately 50% of the item it opens?

Why, a diamond-studded Mercedes Benz car key of course!

Handcrafted in Germany and sold in Abu Dhabi, the key is designed according to the customer’s personal request, and can be created from gold or platinum with an array of different colored gemstones. With prices just starting at $46,000, the actual Mercedes Benz vehicle will end up constituting only half of the total price. Here is a look at this lavish key as well as additional upscale car-related items over the years.

Diamond Encrusted Key

In order to truly make this unique key worth your hard-earned money, each and every key in this series can be personally customized so that no two keys are exactly the same. Colorless diamonds are the base stone for these keys, but various other gemstones are used to bring some color to the key, and to create themes. There are keys including colored stones matching the colors of the Saudi Arabian flag, or the Emirati one for that matter. Red and white, red, green, black, and white, red and white; with the right budget, you name it and it shall be created for you.

Jennings Ford Diamond-Wrapped Car

If you have $1.5 million to spare and are in the market for a Ford vehicle, you might want to consider having it embellished with diamonds and crystals for a truly regal look. That is precisely what Jennings Ford offers its clients with this luxurious auto package. This is one of many diamond embellished cars that are available if you are looking for something like this!

Gold and Diamond Bicycle

If cycling is your preferred choice of transportation, and you are all about luxury and elegance, consider the 24K gold extreme mountain bike by The House of Solid Gold. This bike is worth $495,000 and includes pave diamonds and sapphires.

Some may dream of lavish vacations - while others may fantasize about embellishing everything they own, even everyday items, with gleaming diamonds!

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