The Transvaal Blue Diamond

The pear cut, 25 carat Transvaal Blue diamond was discovered in the Premier Diamond Mine in Transvaal, South Africa. Once owned by Baumgold Bros., it is now owned by an unknown buyer. The details of the diamond's exact color, clarity and price are not known at present. Additionally, little is known about the diamond's history and mysterious story.


Blue diamonds are particularly known for their investment qualities. In addition to the fact that blue diamonds have historically garnered incredible prices, even blue diamonds that are bought and sold in the present day are sold at premium prices per carat size. 


Blue diamonds generally originate from South Africa, although they have been discovered in India as well. As recently 2014, two blue diamonds of incredible size in the rough have been discovered by Petra Diamonds in South Africa. One is the 29.62 carat blue diamond that was discovered on January 21st, the other was an astounding 122.52 carat blue diamond that was discovered on June 13th. Out of the top 10 most expensive diamonds sold at auction, 2 of them are blue diamonds: the Wittelsbach-Graff and the Winston Blue. This, together with other factors like the sheer beauty of blue diamonds, explains why they are traditionally priced quite generously per carat.  However, blue diamond jewelry is universally accepted as one of the top most appreciating investment pieces that are available on the market today.



Other famous blue diamonds



The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond (previously “Le bleu de France”) is the largest deep blue diamond in the world. The 45.52-carat (9.10 g) Fancy Deep Grayish-Blue VS1 diamond was mined in India and is the most famous diamond in the world. Its value is estimated at $350 Million.


The Wittelsbach-Graff

The Wittelsbach was a 35.56 carat Fancy Deep Grayish Blue VS2 diamond, cut with an unusual pattern of 82 facets and after it was bought in 2008 for $24.3 Million, it was re-cut by Graff, losing 4.45 carats to a total 31.06 carats, but changing the grading of the diamond to a Fancy Deep Blue IF. 


The Sultan of Morocco

The cushion-cut, 35.27 carat, Fancy Grayish-Blue Sultan of Morocco has an unknown clarity. It is believed the diamond emanated from India in the mid-19th century. However, how it reached Europe, for how much money, the previous owner and the like are not known.


The Heart of Eternity

This 27.64 carat heart-shaped stone is renowned for the intensity of its color, described by experts as "Fancy Vivid Blue." 
The Heart of Eternity was one of 11 rare blue diamonds unveiled to the world in January 2000, as part of a special collection of De Beers Millennium Jewels.


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