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How to Clean Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry at Home

One of the most enduringly popular stones of all time is sapphire. As a gem, sapphire is one of the most durable gemstone materials, meaning it can take a superior polish and is resistant to damage. Daily wearing, plus contact with fragrance, creams, and so on can draw dirt to the stone. So knowing how to clean sapphire properly is essential. Understand the different types of sapphire, including lab-grown, and remember how to care for all of them.

How hard are sapphires? Sapphire ranks 9 on the Mohs scale—so with good treatment, any sapphire item should look beautiful for a lifetime.

There is also lab grown sapphire, created in a laboratory rather than found in the earth. While it took just a short time to create ‘lab-grown sapphire’, it took eons for natural sapphire to grow underground. It has the same hardness--9—as natural sapphire, and it has the chemical, physical, and optical properties of natural sapphire. Treat it and clean it as you would natural earth-mined sapphire.

LEIBISH 20.54ct Sapphire
LEIBISH 20.54ct Sapphire 

Understanding Sapphire

Sapphire has been popular for centuries and lab-grown sapphires have also gained popularity. Earth-mined sapphire is corundum. With natural sapphire, all blue crystals are simply referred to as sapphire. But natural sapphire also comes in a wide array of vibrant colors too. Those are called fancy color sapphire.

Usually when sapphire gets dirty, it comes in contact with a greasy substance, like lotions and creams, or hairspray that was used. in the case of rings, contact with normal everyday dirt is usually to blame.

Preparation for Cleaning

How to Clean Sapphire Ring

Put the items you’ll use for cleaning your sapphire jewelry on a table, so everything is ready. You’re safest with using warm soapy water, and a baby toothbrush plus some clean lint free cloths to dry the jewelry. Most sapphire including heat-treated and untreated can be safely cleaned in ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

Safety Precautions

Before you consider cleaning your sapphire know what kind it is. Your sapphire may be fracture-filled, or cavity-filled, which was a popular enhancement technique some years ago. In such cases, it’s safest to use a damp lint free cloth to clean your sapphire stones.

There are other precautions to consider too. Give your piece careful inspection. Does it have any loose prongs, or are the stones shaky in their setting? If so, take the piece to your jeweler to tighten up everything—and then clean your sapphire jewelry.

LEIBISH Extraordinary No Heat Oval Sapphire and Diamond Side Stone Ring

Step By Step Cleaning Process

Gently Clean Sapphire

Gentle is the operative word for cleaning your sapphire jewelry. Sapphire is durable, but you still want to use a light touch so you don’t disrupt the setting.

Brush for Intricate Areas

With a bowl of warm mild-soapy water, a dry cloth and soft brush, inspect the underside of your piece and get in the recessed areas that tend to collect debris. You can also soak your item for several minutes to further loosen any hidden grime.

Rinse and Dry

After you’ve cleaned the item, rinse in fresh water to remove any remaining soap. Allow your item to air-dry on a clean cloth until it is completely dried.

Deep Cleaning Methods

Ultrasonic cleaners, like those used by professionals, are the ultimate tool for cleaning sapphire jewelry and making it sparkle like new. They can reach areas that the simple water and brush method cannot.

But if your sapphire is fracture-filled or cavity-filled, do not subject it to that kind of cleaning. Those fillings reach the surface of the stone, and that filling can be removed through ultrasonic cleaning.

LEIBISH Cushion Blue Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Halo Pendant

Maintenance Tips

Get in the habit of scheduling time regularly to inspect your sapphire jewelry. Look for loose or missing stones, worn out prongs and so forth. Every 6-8 months give your sapphire jewelry a good cleaning using one of the methods we’ve mentioned. Not only will you keep your jewelry looking brand new, but you’ll prevent problems like missing stones or loose prongs.

Proper Storage

Proper storage is key to maintaining your sapphire jewelry. Cool dry jewel boxes with dividers are your top choice for sapphire jewelry storage. Keeping each piece in its separate compartment away from dust prevents unwanted dirt accumulation over time.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Common household cleaners that we use regularly can actually be harmful to your jewelry. Avoid bleaches, chlorine products, abrasives, solvents, and strong detergents. Besides risking corroding your precious metals, it may interact with the sapphire gemstone itself. Be safe, not sorry.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

You may think a household abrasive cleaner is just the ticket to thoroughly get every last particle of debris off your jewelry. But abrasives of any kind can damage precious metals and dull the finish on your gemstone too.

If one cleaning in the ultrasonic cleaner is good—why not do it all the time?
The ultrasonic cleaner was meant for occasional cleaning and may jar your stones loose if done too often. Resist the urge and keep your sapphires looking brilliant!

LEIBISH 6.02 carat, Pink, Sapphire, Emerald Shape, GIA

Additional Care Tips

Become your own jewelry detective by examining the sapphire jewelry you wear often. Doing this will prevent damage and accidental loss of stones. You know your jewelry better than anyone—so you can tell when something doesn’t look right.

Many sapphire jewelry items are costly. Consider having them insured against loss, theft, or accidental damage. You can easily add a rider to your insurance policy to cover this, whether you own or rent your home.


How often should I clean my sapphire jewelry?

Clean your jewelry every few months, and more often if you’ve worn them where they might accumulate dirt.

Can I use household cleaners to clean sapphire?

Using strong household cleaners are not a good idea. The ingredients and abrasives can cause permanent damage to the stones and metals.

What is the best way to store sapphire jewelry?

Your clean sapphire jewelry is best guarded in a dry dark storage area—with separations between each piece.

How can I tell if my sapphire is genuine before cleaning?

Unless you are a jeweler with proper equipment, you may not recognize the signs of a genuine sapphire. If you don’t have paperwork from the retailer where you purchased it, take the item to a jewelry store and ask a professional to examine it to verify.

Are there any specific products recommended for cleaning sapphires?

You can use a home-style ultrasonic cleaner or one from the jewelry store. The safest method is warm water and gentle soap.

How do I clean sapphire rings with intricate settings?

A baby toothbrush will help you get into hard to reach areas to loosen any dirt.

Can I use an ultrasonic cleaner for my sapphire jewelry?

Sure, you can put treated or untreated sapphire jewelry in an ultrasonic device. Do not use this on cavity-filled or fracture-filled sapphire.

What should I do if my sapphire has scratches?

If your sapphire get scratched, there are remedies. Your jeweler can connect you with a gemstone cutter- polisher to smooth out the damaged lines.

How can I maintain the shine of my sapphire jewelry?

Fortunately sapphire is very durable. With regular inspection and cleaning, your sapphire jewelry will maintain its brand-new appearance.


Regular cleaning and proper care like inspecting for loose prongs or stones is vital to protecting you sapphire jewelry. This will maintain its original beauty and hold its value. Review the methods outlined in this article, , including how to clean sapphire, to select the cleaning technique for your items.

You’ll develop a deep appreciation for sapphire, and you’ll personally value it more when you regularly clean and maintain it. It will provide you with a lifetime of proud ownership! 

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