Famed Princess Di Necklace Up for Sale

The Swan Lake Suite necklace, which received its name after Princess Diana attended the ballet wearing the piece, is up for sale. Created from pearls and diamonds by then royal jeweler Garard, the necklace was originally intended to have a matching pair of earrings as well. However, they were not completed before the Princess’s tragic death.   

The unfortunate juxtaposition of timing between the debut of this necklace and Dianna’s premature death is part of what has made this necklace so incredibly iconic. The stunning picture of her holding a bouquet of white flowers while wearing a rather revealing dress circulated through the media like wildfire during the period following her passing. Her necklace was the centerfold of the photo, leaving an everlasting image of beauty and royalty in the minds of all her fans and supporters.

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Price Estimates

Though the beautiful necklace is certainly valuable, it is astounding to hear that the item currently stands at an estimate of $12 million. Diana didn’t just naturally embody royalty and class with her soft and genuine demeanor but did so through her exquisite sense of style as well. Her daughter-in-law whom she never got to meet, the lovely Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton, seems to have very similar qualities. The necklace was originally bought by a Ukrainian couple for $630,000 and is now expected to bring in far more than that when it sells this time around. Guernsey’s, the prestigious auction house, will auction off the diamond-studded, double-stranded necklace sporting five South Sea pearls.

Redefining Royal Style

Princess Diana was known and loved for the way she redefined royal style, similar to the way Kate Middleton is perceived today. It isn’t just royal style that she and Kate redefined, but modern style as well. Royal style has forever been perceived as stuffy, boring, and overly conservative. Modern style, on the other hand, has the track record of doing the exact opposite. Diana and Kate, each in her own way, made royal fashion more appealing while shaping the general fashion trends after a more modest and royal model. The same might be said about the Princess’s jewelry choices, many of which the Duchess has inherited or worn on occasion. Diana’s jewelry was always softer, less ostentatious, and had a hint of contemporary style. At the same time, even jewelry styles that move away from traditional designs still try to capture the regality that is always present in Princess Diana’s jewelry. Not to mention how amazing Princess Diana was!

Princess Di’s magnificent necklace will be put up for auction, allowing anyone to become the owners of a delightful piece of jewelry and an irreplaceable piece of history. One thing is for certain, no one will wear it as well as she did, and the design will forever be remembered as “Diana’s.”

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