Limited Edition Pink Diamond Perth Mint Coins

Diamonds, particularly color diamonds, are not just great for looking pretty and making a good impression. They can also be terrific investment opportunities as well as phenomenally exciting collectors’ items.

Pink diamonds are among the rarest and most sought-after diamonds on the planet. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the limited edition Perth Mint coins that are being released are in exceedingly high demand. The coin, which depicts the image of the sun setting over a boab tree, (the tree under which pink diamond mines were discovered in the Kimberley region of Western Australia), features a beautiful pink Argyle diamond as the sun. There have already been 150 orders for this coin, with a total of 500 coins being offered to the general public.

More About the Coins

For the first time ever, these coins include a rare Argyle diamond, which is apparently the main attraction here. The 56-gram coins come with a hefty price tag: $8,880. This edition of the coin is especially exciting because it is unlikely that a collaboration between the diamond mining mogul, Rio Tinto, and the gold coins will occur again as the mine is reaching the end of its production. The back of the coin displays the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Argyle Pink Diamond Ingots

This may be Argyle’s last collaboration with these coins, but they have done something similar in the past with ingots in honor of the underground mine opening. Those ingots displayed not one but seven Argyle pink diamonds set upon pink gold. Only 168 units were produced with each piece having been valued at close to $5,000.

Diamond Encrusted Coins for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

In honor of the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee, commemorating 60 years to her throne, diamond encrusted coins were created. These unique coins were sold for nearly $200,000 a piece. Sixty coins were created from solid gold and depicted the image of the Queen wearing a necklace, tiara, and brooch. Each of Her Majesty’s accessories was embellished with diamonds.

It is no secret that the world’s color diamond supply is dwindling. Those who already own such a stone are seeing an increase in the value of their gems while those still in the market for one are eagerly tracking down the diamond that is perfect for them. These coins present the ideal opportunity for some to both own a beautiful color diamond, and a pink one at that, as well as be 1 out of 500 individuals on the planet who has such an exclusive item in his or her possession.

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Buying Argyle Pink diamonds for investment