Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

In the world of luxury, there is “luxury” and then there's “excessive luxury.” If, say, a 7-carat diamond ring belongs in the former category, then a 24K gold plated vacuum cleaner can most definitely find its place in the latter. After all, who in their right mind needs, no, scratch that, can possibly find any enjoyment in a gold plated home appliance? Well apparently 100 people out there in the land of luxury will soon find out how to appreciate a golden vacuum. Although several other, rather pricey, ridiculous diamond and jeweled items have hit the market before, none of them truly compare to this unique and rare vacuum cleaner.

One of a Hundred

If you seem to have everything in the world and are looking for something you don’t have, or you just want to throw some money down the drain, why not spend $1.2 million on a 24K gold plated vacuum cleaner? There are only one hundred of these luxurious vacuum cleaners in the world. Each and every one of these unusual appliances weighs 16.5 pounds and has an official serial number engraved upon its golden surface.

Pricey Vacuum Cleaners

This 24K vacuum cleaner may be the most expensive of its kind today, but this wasn’t always the case. Several years back, another pricey vacuum carried that prestigious title. The Minele 8990 UniQ is a canister style vacuum cleaner that sold for $1,500. Part of what makes this particular product unique is its underbody light, extremely powerful motor, and lavish and comfortable grip handle. The German manufacturer released this item as an investment piece, which raises the question: if a $1,500 non-golden vacuum is considered an investment, what exactly does that make the $100,000 plus golden appliance?

Interestingly enough, these two vacuum cleaners are not the only house appliances with hefty price tags. From an $8,000 espresso machine to a $5,299 wine station to a $4,230 sub-zero freezer drawer, there is most definitely what to spend your money on when it comes to mundane household items. Though many of these lavish appliances are far more advanced and reliable than your standard appliance, they do not consist of any precious metals or stones. Apparently there are those who are concerned with the inside workings of their appliances while others are focused on the exterior. That must explain why only one hundred of these golden items were produced in the first place.

Firebox Luxury Products

This luxurious vacuum cleaner is part of the WTF category of Firebox, an online store for a mix of exclusive, unusual gifts. The website actually offers quite the selection of strange luxurious products, such as a 24K gold racing bike, 24K gold rolling papers, and the world's most expensive 18K gold Apple watch!

In short, I think we can feel quite secure that the saying 'he who has everything,' really can't exist!

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