Most Popular Black Diamond Shapes

Diamonds don’t just come in the form of a brilliant cut round colorless diamond but can range in color from pink to black and all of the colors in between, as well as be cut into a variety of shapes. While the round and princess are the most popular diamond shapes for colorless stones due to those shapes’ abilities to showcase their radiance, black diamonds have different shapes that are popular. Fancy color diamonds are most complemented by a cushion or radiant shape, since unlike colorless diamonds, it is desirable for light to be trapped within the stone for as long as possible. These shapes accomplish this task most efficiently and are therefore preferred for most colors. However, being that fancy black diamonds are found in one color intensity level (fancy black), this reasoning does not apply. That leaves the popularity of black diamond shapes up to personal taste. Let’s take a look at the popular black diamond shapes, what gives them this prestigious title, and what the possible implications of each shape might be.

Fancy Black Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are not seen so often among colorless or fancy color diamonds for some of the reasons mentioned above. However, they are a fabulous shape for many body types. Oval black diamonds can elongate one’s finger if set on a ring and can provide an overall larger appearance. Whether set on a pendant necklace, as earrings, or as a stone on a diamond bracelet, fancy black oval diamonds blend well with any wardrobe.

3.03 carat, Fancy Black Diamond, Oval Shape, GIA, SKU 310628

Fancy Black Pear Diamonds

The only thing separating the pear shape from the oval shape is the sharp edge at one end of the diamond. Many people prefer fancy black pear diamonds, or teardrop black diamond as they are sometimes called, because they are delicate yet fresh and can give one’s fingers a longer appearance. They are the perfect shape for black diamond studs because pear shapes work so well with the curve of the earlobe. Finally, as the term “teardrop”, or even “pear” indicates, there is obvious personality to this shape without it being too kitschy, like heart-shaped diamonds for example.

1.92 carat, Fancy Black Diamond, Pear Shape, GIA, SKU 224788

Fancy Black Round Diamonds

As mentioned earlier, round diamonds are the most popular shape for colorless diamonds, mainly because of the way they are cut. Light is reflected through the many facets in such a way that an incredible level of sparkle is achieved. They are also, however, quite popular because you simply can’t go wrong with the round shape. It is sleek-looking, practical, and unassuming yet classic all at once. This is why those branching out from colorless diamonds to color ones adopt the popular shape for the color with which it works best. Fancy black round diamonds set in a wide range of ring, earring, necklace, and bracelet settings achieve mesmerizing results.
To summarize, the popularity of black diamonds is largely the result of trends and styles unlike other diamond types that take certain attributes into consideration for the cutting process. It is important to point out that black diamonds could be natural, treated, or synthetic. The former category refers to diamonds found in nature with black coloring. Treated diamonds are authentic stones, often with a number of inclusions, which are chemically treated in order to obtain a deep black hue. Finally, synthetic diamonds are stones with the same structure as a genuine diamond (they aren’t glass, plastic, or anything of the sort) but have been created in a lab and not by nature. Needless to say, natural fancy black diamonds are harder to find and come with a higher price tag. If the price seems very reasonable, it may be a sign that it is not a natural diamond. Always look for certified diamonds so that you know you are getting the best for your money.

2.26 carat, Fancy Black Diamond, Round Shape, GIA, SKU 310625


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