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The Alexandrite Stone in Modern Jewelry

Though alexandrite stones are semi-precious gemstones, they are gaining increasing popularity in the jewelry and gemstone industry. While more traditional gemstones of choice are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, many individuals are in search of alternative options for economic reasons as well as the desire to be unique.


One of the greatest aspects of alexandrite jewelry is that the stone changes colors in certain lighting. For instance, an alexandrite stone can have a greenish tone and then receive a reddish color when held in the light. Alexandrite jewelry mainly began to be seen in Russia in the early 1800s and later gained tremendous popularity due to the stone’s undeniable beauty.


Since the majority of an alexandrite’s beauty lies in its ability to change colors, stones over 8 carats or so, as impressive as they may come across, are not of much value. The reason for this is that the changing of colors from green to red cannot be seen in such large stones. Therefore, one is better off with a smaller stone that displays the color transition as best as possible. At the same time, stones over 2 carats in size are considered rarer and therefore highly sought after.


A variety of the chrysoberyl mineral, alexandrite was originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830.  It has since been making a name for itself as a desirable gemstone, one that can be incorporated into modern-day jewelry. Alexandrite stones can be set in something as simple as sterling silver, to a metal as sophisticated and valuable as platinum. Oftentimes you will see alexandrite rings, pendants, earrings and so forth set in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold.

Alexandrite Rings

When it comes to rings, you can go for settings similar to those of diamond engagement rings, where there is a center stone, or even a three stone setting. Alternatively, there are thicker bands with alexandrite stones of different shades dotted throughout the ring. Depending on the particular hue of the alexandrite, rose gold can be a terrific choice of metal for the setting.


Alexandrite Earrings

Alexandrite earrings look stunning in many different settings and styles. From alexandrite studs, to halo alexandrite earrings, to beautiful drop earrings, the choices are endless. You simply need to know your budget, decide on a style, and based on those two factors, find a pair with the size and color stone (or stones) that speaks most to you. If you have a high budget, alexandrite earrings combined with white diamonds make a fabulous choice.


Alexandrite Necklaces

In general, necklaces with gemstones, precious or semi-precious, are often comprised of a pendant and a gold chain. This is for two reasons: cost and weight. A necklace is a larger piece of jewelry than other pieces such as rings and bracelets. Therefore, the bulk of the necklace goes to the pendant, where the stone can be noticed the most. This way the necklace is not too heavy nor is it overly expensive. Nevertheless, there are necklaces displaying impressive numbers of alexandrite stones. For those looking to stay within budget, there is plenty of alluring alexandrite pendants, from a simple stone to a heart-shaped pendant studded with fabulous alexandrite stones.


Alexandrite Bracelets

Just like with the other types of alexandrite jewelry, alexandrite bracelets can be combined with any number and type of other gemstone. An alexandrite bracelet can be a delicate and elegant piece formed from diamond and alexandrite stones, or it can be a bulkier bracelet, consisting of larger alexandrite and other stones. The selection is enormous, so there is most definitely something for everyone.


Though the name alexandrite might not be on the tip of everyone’s tongue upon hearing the term gemstones, it most certainly is beginning to make a mark among gemstone lovers and enthusiasts. Its beauty truly is one-of-a-kind, unparalleled to other gemstones. Every alexandrite jewelry piece is a masterpiece of its own.

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