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Founded in 1979, LEIBISH is the world's premier online resource for natural fancy colored diamonds and jewelry. We provide all the various different colors, specializing in Argyle Pink diamonds, Yellow Canary Diamonds, and Champagne Diamonds from small sizes (melees) through large, important diamonds.


LEIBISH has been supplying fancy color diamonds to wholesalers, retailers, jewelry stores, and diamond trade members across the globe, for more than 32 years.



Some of the benefits of becoming a "LEIBISH TRADE Member," are:



  • Fancy Color DiamondsPrivate Account Manager: Each member is allocatd an account manager who provides updates of the newest additions to our collection before they are released online to the general public.


  • Largest Online Inventory: LEIBISH holds the largest online inventory and offers attractive wholesale prices on loose diamonds and jewelry.


  • Temporary Removal: The option to have items removed from the website while offered to your customer.


  • High Res Images: Downloadable videos and several angles of high resolution images of each stone and jewelry.


  • GIA Certs: Certificates available for over 95% of our diamonds.




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  • A $100 discount off your first purchase (valid for one year)!
  • A 1.5% discount when paying via wire transfer!
  • Diamond news and exclusive Red Carpet updates!
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