Print Jewelry - Step 4: Printing the Model



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 Step 4:

Printing the Model


The completed virtual model is sent for printing. A three-dimensional resin/wax model of the jewelry is generated in a 3D printer. The model is printed in layers of wax to a high resolution; the implementation of the physical design has begun.

The design team inspects the printed model carefully to ensure that it accurately reflects the original design. This is a pivotal point for quality control since this is the first instance in the manufacturing process that the idea is manifested into a physical creation. If the wax replica is not an exact match, the team returns to the drawing board to create a usable design.


 Printing the Model

The 3D Printer that Actually Prints the Model

 Printing the Model

A Sample of the Wax Model of a Ring

 Printing the Model

A Number of Ring Models that Were Printed

 Printing the Model

3D Wax Models of the Diamond Ring Designs


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 Step 4: Printing the Model

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