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Upcoming Passover Closing
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About Natural Fancy Black Diamonds

Natural fancy black diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique color, low prices and fashionable appearance.




Leibish & Co. Fancy Black Diamond Halo earrings and a Leibish & Co. Fancy Black heart shaped Diamond Halo pendant


Natural fancy black diamonds are very rare and expensive, therefore most of the Black diamond are heated in Rough and that takes the price down dramatically.



A collection of Leibish & Co. Fancy Black Diamonds


Black diamond prices are usually cheaper than other colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, orange diamonds, blue diamonds etc.














Leibish & Co. Fancy Black Diamond stud earrings in 18K white gold, and a Leibish & Co. Fancy Black diamond solitaire ring in 18K rose gold



Black can also appear as a secondary hue like in Blue diamonds for example, blackish blue or black-blue,  and in Violet diamonds Blackish Violet.


Famous Black Diamonds


 Black Orlov
Spirit of de Grisigono 
  Table of Islam
  Korloff Noir
  Black Star of Africa


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