Are Blue Diamonds Real, What is Blue Diamond and other FAQ

Blue diamonds are considered extremely rare and quite valuable. They are among the rarest colors in the color diamond family. Since blue diamonds are so unique, there are many questions that are frequently asked regarding their rarity, authenticity, color origin, and value. Here are several of these questions with relevant and insightful answers.


1. How Rare are Blue Diamonds?

With regards to the various different colors available, blue diamonds are among the rarest with Violet, Pink, and Red stones. In general, colored diamonds are much rarer than colorless diamonds, but some colors or more common than others such as yellow and champagne stones. Blue diamonds are Type IIb diamonds, which are extremely rare and valued very high. Most blue diamonds are rare, but blue diamonds with very high color intensity that display a deep blue color are the rarest. Of course large stones are even harder to come by and much pricier.

 1.10 Carat, Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond, Pear, IF

1.10-Carat Fancy Grayish Blue Pear Shaped Diamond, IF



2. How Blue Diamonds are Made?

Similar to all other fancy colored diamonds, natural blue diamonds are made by nature. Though the process that diamonds go through including cutting and polishing can have an effect on a diamond’s color, blue diamonds are actually found with their beautiful blue color tone. An impurity called boron, along with nitrogen, is the cause for the color.


3. How are Blue Diamonds Formed?

The formation of all diamonds is something that happens over millions if not billions of years. Under conditions of immense pressure and heat, Carbon elements form together into rough diamond rocks. The addition of the blue color is simply other elements that compound themselves together with the Carbon. Studies have shown high levels of Boron are the actual cause to the bluish tint, but other elements can have different affects as well depending on the levels that the stone contains.


4. Where do Blue Diamonds Come From?

Blue diamonds are only found in a few mines around the world. These mines include the Cullinan mine near Pretoria, South Africa, and the Argyle mine in Australia. Once, blue diamonds were mined in India’s famous Golconda mine as well.


5. How Much are Blue Diamonds Worth?

Due to their rarity, blue diamonds are valued quite high. A very small blue diamond can cost a few thousand dollars, and a large one such as the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond can cost millions. Blue diamonds are more valuable than most colored diamonds, but just like all other diamonds, their prices are determined based on the diamond’s color, color intensity, size, and clarity eith an emphasis on the intensity of the color.

 Blue Diamond Scale

Different intensities of natural blue diamonds


6. Are Blue Diamonds Real?

Natural blue diamonds are absolutely real. Blue diamonds that have been found in nature with the blue coloring are “real.” Other diamonds that have been artificially treated to receive the blue coloring are not “real” even if they are authentic diamonds. There is a huge price difference between natural blue diamonds and artificially color enhanced blue diamonds. Additionally, the two types of diamonds have different tones.


7. What is a Blue Diamond?

A blue diamond is a genuine diamond that has not been treated with chemicals or heat in order to receive its color. It is important to verify that the stone is natural by looking at the GIA certificate where it says origin. If it is a real blue diamond the origin will say “natural.” Blue diamonds come in several shades including straight blue, grayish blue, violet blue, and greenish blue.

 Blue Diamond Color scale by Leibish & Co.

1st row: Light Blue,F. Light Blue, Fancy Blue, F. Intense Blue, F. Vivid Blue, F. Deep Blue, F.Intense Violetish Blue,
2nd row: F. Light Grey-Blue, Fancy Grey-Blue, F.Dark Grey-Blue, F.Greyish Blue, F.Deep Greyish Blue, F.Light Greenish Blue, F.Intense Greensih Blue
3rd row: F. Vivid Greenish Blue, Fancy Green- Blue, F. Intense Green-Blue, F. Vivid Green- Blue, F. Deep Green- Blue, Fancy Greyish Greenish Blue.


Blue diamonds are sought after by diamond collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Because they are so rare, blue diamonds tend to get snatched up very quickly and fetch very steep prices. Nevertheless, no diamond collection is complete without a blue diamond.

Dive into an ocean of colors and find the blue diamonds that suit you best.

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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