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Natural Fancy Gray Diamonds

Natural Fancy Gray Diamonds
Natural Fancy Gray Diamonds

Natural gray diamonds, like all color diamonds, get their color from the inclusion of foreign elements during the diamond's formation under the Earth. In this case, the gray color is caused by the inclusion of hydrogen, although it may also be caused by boron. Regardless, these diamonds come in a variety of different shades and hues, which is what gives them their very unique color. Gray diamonds are sometimes called charcoal gray, steel, slate, silver and pigeon and have few intensities. Their tones range from pewter and nickel to deeper hues like graphite and lead. Gray diamonds are mined in India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Australia, the home of the Argyle mine. Gray diamond production accounts for 2% of its color diamonds (the majority being champagne diamonds), although they are renowned for their pink diamonds. Interestingly, gray diamonds, like blue ones, are semiconductors of electricity – unlike the majority of diamonds, including most colors and colorless, which are non-conductors.


Levels of color intensity are Light Gray, Fancy Light Gray, Fancy Gray, Fancy Dark Gray, and Fancy Deep Gray. Gray may be a primary color or a secondary color.


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