Halo engagement rings

Today’s bride has an incredible opportunity to completely personalize her engagement ring, and all of her bridal jewelry. There has never been a better time for a bride to choose exactly what she wants and then see her dream ring come to life.


With so many options, like the center stone size and its shape, plus the setting itself, a bride can turn her ideas into a gorgeous engagement ring that is a personal expression of her style and taste.


One of the most popular engagement ring styles that today’s bride favors are halo engagement rings. Their modern twist on the traditional bridal jewelry makes them a popular choice.


What is a halo diamond ring setting?

A halo diamond ring setting has a ring of diamonds encircling the center stone, whether that center is round, emerald, pear shaped or any another kind.


What is the purpose of the Halo rings?

First of all, the center diamond looks much bigger with the diamond halo surrounding it. And next, but equally important, the halo surrounding the center stone provides much more opportunities for light to bounce off each diamond facet surrounding the center stone. This makes the entire ring appear livelier and more brilliant since there are more facets to sparkle around the center stone.


Does a hidden halo make a diamond look bigger?

No matter what size center stone is selected for an engagement ring, the halo delivers and impression of a much larger stone with all the extra sparkles emanating from the halo. Think of the halo as a beautiful frame around your center stone that presents it in the best possible way.


Are Halo rings out of style?

Halo engagement rings have been around for a while, but they are not at risk of going out of style. They are a feminine and fashionable choice for today’s bride.


Is a halo diamond a real diamond?

Some brides wonder if the stones creating the halo are actually real diamonds. The good news is that yes, they certainly are. Take a moment to examine the diamonds in the halo. At LEIBISH, they are well matched in their color and clarity. No detail too small for a LEIBISH ring.




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