Fancy Color Diamond Cut

What is the cut of a diamond?


Some of the most famous diamonds in the world have such a pleasant appearance, that not to admire their magnificence would be considered a sin. What makes diamonds so valuable is their beauty. Without the sparkle and shine one expects to see, a diamond will appear as just another nice looking gem stone. Granted, the color and clarity of the diamond are both major contributors to the brilliance, but the cut is precisely what changes the stone from a shimmer to shine.


A rough diamond next to a polished diamond 

A polished diamond next to a rough diamond

The four attributes of diamond quality, known as the 4Cs, are all of extreme importance. However, as the single attribute that man has the ability to perfect on his own, diamond cut must be done with patience and care. What is so amazing to consider, is the concentrated attention that someone must give to each and every stone.


The cut of the stone is directly connected with all the other characteristics of quality. How the diamond is cut will influence the diamond carat weight. The geometric proportions will affect the diamond color. The art of polishing can even help rid of external blemishes and therefore naturally enhance the diamond clarity.


 Colored Diamond Grading Report- 2

Diamond characteristics in the GIA diamond certificate


The Cut of a Diamond vs. The Make of a Diamond

No two roughs will be exactly identical. The theory of the diamond cut is the skill of how to derive the best finished product from any rough that is found. By definition, the cut is the prearranged faceted arrangements of the diamond. Since it is through the cut that the finished product is made, how professionally the faceted arrangement is created is referred to, in the industry, as the 'make' of the diamond.


 White Diamond on the Polishing Wheel

Colorless diamond on the polishing wheel

People often confuse the cut with the shape of a stone. However, even though one has what to do with the other, they are not at all the same. The diamond cut refers to the style used to form the stone regardless of the diamonds shape. The styles are different forms of symmetry, polish, and geometric proportioning between the diamonds many facets, otherwise known as the make. Any specific diamond shape can have more than one different diamond cuts. The styles are in every sense of the words both a science and an art.


A Round Edge Fancy Cut and a Step-cut Pear 

The image above shows a two Pear-shaped diamonds. The stone on the left has a round-edge fancy cut and the stone on the right with step cut

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Depth of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond has much to do with the overall appearance of the stone. In fact, if a full certificate is supplied with the stone the cut grade is included within the many diamond characteristics.

Along with all the various dimensions of the stone that are noted, the depth of the diamond plays a very significant role in the overall appearance.


 The impression diamond depth has on the size

The image above displays specifically what affect diamond depth has on the appearance of the diamonds shown. From left to right: a 0.45ct stone with a 28% depth, a 1.24ct stone with a 46% depth, 0.56ct stone with a 58% depth, and a 1.14ct stone with a  70% depth.

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Light Within the Stones

In a colorless stone, since the objective is to remain as colorless as possible, the amount of time light remains within the stone must be condensed. However, with Fancy Color Diamonds, the longer the light remains within the facets of the stone, the more the color is shown.


 Leibish Prosperity Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

The cut in the Leibish Prosperity Pink enables the light to remain within the facets of the stone and shows an excellent vivid purplish pink color.


The diamond cut is such a critical diamond attribute because how the diamond is cut and polished directly affects the sparkle and brilliance of the stone.


Contributor: Benji Margolese

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