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Lightbox Brings Darkness to the Diamond Industry
Diamond Ring Trends Through History
Nördlingen, Germany – An Actual Diamond-Studded Town
Diamond Shopping 101 for Beginners
Diamond Glossary
6 Most Famous Diamond Quotes
All About Jewelry Appraisals
The World’s Top Diamond Producers
How to Set a Diamond Price
What Causes a Diamond to have a Fish Eye?
What Can Scratch a Diamond?
Red Diamonds and the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2017
Jewelry Myths Busted Once and For All
5 Hacks for Getting More Diamond for Your Money
6 Jewelry Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Already Knew
Rio Tinto's Plans to Invest More in Diamonds
Where Diamonds are Found: The Largest Diamond Mines in the World
Times of a Green Revolution
How Diamonds are Found
$15 Flea Market Diamond Turns Out to Be Worth Nearly Half a Million Dollars
Five Million Dollar Treasure Found in Four Hundred-Year-Old Shipwreck
5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Picture
Rings Fit for Champions
Teaching Jewelry-Making Skills for a Better Life
Investing in Diamonds: How to Do It Right
7.44-Carat Brown Diamond Found by Boy in Arkansas Crater of Diamonds Park
Different Colors for Different Folks
The Winner of Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery
Second Time’s A Charm: The Pink Star is Up For Auction Once Again
Diamonds with a History Sell for More
Rolls-Royce Shines Bright with Diamonds
How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring
Man Caught in Paris with Over $300,000 Worth of Diamonds
Famed Princess Di Necklace Up for Sale
Branded Jewelry
Super Bowl Rings: Rings for Champions
Diamond Mining Today in Sierra Leone
Where Not to Propose
Diamond Purchases Flood Online Retailers
$6 Million Worth of Jewels Stolen in Holiday Heist
Navigating the Downsides of Social Media in Regards to Real and Fake Allegations
Diamond Thief Doris Payne Strikes Again
The History Behind Diamond Inclusions
Lost Diamond Rings Found in Six Tons of Garbage
Ethically Mined | The Expedition to Sustainable Luxury
Rapper Gucci Mane Flashes Sparkling Diamond Engagement Ring
Chester Cheetah Introduced a $20,000 Diamond and Sapphire Jewelry Piece
It’s All About the Jewels this Holiday Season
300 Diamonds in Penguins Champion Rings
Father and Daughter Find 2-Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Cartier Blue Diamond Ring sold for Over $17 Million
Diving for Diamonds Under the Sea
Most Valuable Piece of Jade Discovered
Blue Nile Sells for $500 Million
Blue Diamond Sells for $3 Million at Bonhams Sale
Obama Legalizes Ruby and Jadeite Imported from Myanmar
Firefighter Fairytale
Is Profiting from an Heirloom Moral?
Lucapa Diamond Company Sees Significant Diamond Finds
Pauper Discovers 3-Carat Diamond in Central India
10 of the Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings
Philippines Fisherman Finds a $100 Million Dollar Treasure
$1 Million Dollar Diamond Insurance Claim Get's Rejected Under Circumstances
Newest Wedding Cake Trend - Geode Cakes With Gemstones
The Mysterious Diamond-Filled Chair
Meet August’s Newest Birthstone - The Spinel
Pippa Middleton's Engagement Ring
Argyle Coin Featuring Red Diamond Valued at Over $700,000
The Meaning of Violet
Who Has the Blues? – A Look at the Fascinating Blue Hue
Synthetic Diamonds Created from Smog
Margot Robbie Engaged?
Pure Hypocrisy
The Cullinan Dream
Pat Bowlen Honored with Super Bowl Ring
Donald Trump Jewelry Up for Sale
Argyle Tender 2016 – “Chroma Collection”
The Aurora Green Diamond Sold for a Record Breaking $16.8 Million
Diamond Jewelry Retrieved from Trash
New Diamond Find in Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park
The Argyle Violet
Bejeweled Guitar Unveiled at Baselworld 2016 is Titled ‘Circle of Life’
I Flushed Down My Engagement Ring!
Leibish & Co. Debuts on British Television - Money Saving Show
Jewelry That Keeps You Safe
Tables Are Turned On Leap Day
How Diamonds Are Priced
Understanding Your Diamond
How Well Do Consumers Know Their Diamonds?
Interesting Ways to Personalize Your Diamond Jewelry
Where do Colored Diamonds Come From?
Biggest Diamond Finds of 2015
Second Largest Diamond in the World Found in Botswana
First Ever Diamond Snow Globe
Did you know that Diamonds Can Fight Cancer!
Diamond Cake Fit for a King - Most Expensive Cake
Chinese Woman Swallows 6-Carat Diamond in Bangkok Jewelry Fair Heist
Stolen $53,000 Diamond Watch Returned to Cheshire Real Housewife Star
How to Tell if a Diamond is Real vs Fake - Don't be Fooled!
Are Blue Diamonds Real, What is Blue Diamond and other FAQ
Think you know something about diamonds?
Diamond Soccer Ball Worth $250,000
Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner
Notorious Diamond Thieves Caught
Samsung Display Mirror to Offer Virtual “Dressing Room” Experience
Largest Diamond of the Year Found at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park
Diamond Encrusted Pink Hermes Birkin Handbag Sells for Record Breaking Price
Why Retailers Combine Diamonds and Gemstones in Jewelry
Remarkable Plant May Enable Easier Diamond Discoveries
$45,000 Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond Baby Rattle for Princess Charlotte
Belt Buckle Featuring 60-Carat Diamond
Angolan Journalist Faces Time in Prison for Exposing Alleged Human Rights Abuses in Mines
The Most Expensive Dessert | Black Diamond Ice Cream
The World's Most Expensive Guitar Decorated with Diamonds
Two Arrested in $300 Million Jewelry Heist
Ancient Silver Jewelry and Coins Found in Northern Israel
The Sultan of Brunei’s Son’s Spectacular Wedding
25 Ways to Look Like a Millionaire
Diamond-Embedded “Super Car” Speeds through Streets of Shanghai
Thrilling Pink “Princie” Diamond Lawsuit
Leibish & Co. Releases The Leibish Collections
The Diamond and Gold Mercedes Benz Key
Which Diamond Color Are YOU? - Quiz
Introducing the Diamond and Gold Apple Watch
Diamond and Sapphire Graff Watch to be Unveiled at Baselworld 2015
Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry's Drama
Can You Bust These Diamond Myths?
What Are Blood Diamonds
Man Finds 2.01 ct Diamond in Arkansas Park
Diamond Super Bowl Ring Auctioned Off for Over $50,000
Why Diamond Inscription Numbers Are Important
12-Year-Old Girl Steals Diamond Necklace
What would be YOUR ideal Valentine's Day Date?
Top 5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2015
Nike Introduces New Diamond Soccer Cleats
4 Ways to Tell If Your Diamond is Fake
Diamond Companies Give Back
Valentine's Day Special
Unusual Colored Rock Containing Thousands of Tiny Diamonds Found in Russian Mine
Top 5 New Years Proposals
5 Crazy and Expensive Christmas Gifts
90-Second Jewelry and Diamond Heist
3 Hints to Get the Christmas Gift You’ve Always Dreamed of
FCRF /Fancy Color Research Foundation to Introduce Pricing Index
47th Street Jewelry Heist
120 Years of Secrets to Come to An End
Creating Diamonds from Peanut Butter?
Did you Know you Can Salvage Chipped Diamonds?
For the Love of Diamonds and Cars
Million Dollar Diamond-Studded Halloween
Water-Purifying Diamonds
Starbucks Says No to Engagement Rings
Virgin Australia Airlines Tries to Return Lost Engagement Ring
7 of the World’s Most Extravagant and Ostentatious Items
$250,000 Worth of Jewelry Stolen from an Australian Jewelry Store
UPS Employee Steals Package Containing a $160,000 Diamond
Rethinking Breast Cancer
Outrageous $2 Million Diamond Shoes
Rethink Breast Cancer this October 2014
Millions of Dollars Worth of Diamonds Donated to Smithsonian Institution
Snazzy Engagement Ring Boxes for Sensational Engagement Rings
One-of-a-Kind Diamond Bag
Locating Diamonds Through X-Rays
A Purple Orchid in Bloom
4 Essential Tips On How To Photograph Your Diamonds
Fall Fashion Sale 2014
The Q Bracelet – New Digital Jewelry From The Future
Diamond Council of America first of its kind Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative
Expensive Items for Expensive Taste
Conflict Free Diamonds, Conflict Free Cash
3 Carat Light Brown Diamond Ring Anonymously Donated to Goodwill
What Lengths Diamond Thieves Go To? A Look Into Diamond Thefts
Diamond Dentures for a Million Dollar Smile
The Collision of Diamonds and Hi-tech
Leibish & Co. Announced a Semifinalist in 2014 JNA Awards
Love is in the Air
Diamond E-commerce Titans Make Partnership Official
Petra Cautiously Optimistic About its New Diamond
Leibish & Co. Partners with Chinese E-commerce Giant Kela
The Diamond Mine Experience of a Lifetime
Tech Savvy Jewelry?!
"I Do" Love June
Introducing the Princess Constellation Shoes: Every Girl’s Dream
Jewel Thief Foiled by Forgotten Phone
Robbing 'em Blind
The Case of the Missing $50M Diamond
Warren Buffett Signed Diamonds
Alibaba Will Change the E-Commerce World with new IPO
Man Attempts to Smuggle Diamonds in Underwear
The Teen Who Found a Diamond - Turning Yellow into Green
Introducing... Color Diamonds!
The Risks of Polishing Diamonds
Leibish & Co. Finds Diamonds on Mars
The $55 Million Hallucination Watch
A Blue Diamond Worth HK$1 Million Lost and Found in the Hong Kong Airport
Clothes Make the Man... and Diamonds Make the Clothes
Finders, Keepers
Diamond Investment Scams
Spoiled Rotten - Putting Baby to Sleep in a $11.69 Million Crib
The 'Great Dane' of Diamond Motorcycles
Be Still, My Heart
Hang On to Your Jewels!
Largest Diamond Ever Mined and Cut in Canada Goes On Display
Two Diamonds Exceeding 160 Carats Recovered by Gem Diamonds
The Super Bowl Trophy: A Truly Luxurious Sterling Silver Tribute
Rio Tinto Increases Diamond Production with Underground Mining
Petra Diamonds Discovers a 29.6 Carat Blue Diamond
Leibish & Co. Makes Our Loyal Customers Royal!
5 Ways to Spend Your Yearly Bonus Wisely
Some Things Never Die
Would you Believe there are Diamonds in Antarctica?
The Late Paul Walker Secretly Paid for Soldier’s Engagement Rings
Up for Auction: Diamond Ring that was Swallowed During a Robbery
Most Expensive E-cigarette in the World - Over $800,000!
Would You Spend Over $2 Million on a Single Christmas Gift?
Champagne, Gray, and Pink Diamond Studded Paisley Ankle Boots
World’s Costliest Christmas Wreath
A Diamond Encrusted Rolls-Royce - The Phantom of the Roller
Cyber Monday Color Diamond Craziness
Color Diamonds: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
It’s Raining Diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn
Teenager Finds a Yellow Diamond - It Happened Again!
Another Diamond Found At Park - Lightning Does Strike Twice
Happy Birthday Leibish! – Color Diamond Sale – 15% Discount for 15 Days
All that Glitters is not Gold – The Patriot Diamond
Jewelry Ecommerce: How the Traditional Trade of Diamonds is Changing
The Pink Panthers Gang - Jewelry Thieves
Leibish & Co. at JCK Las Vegas 2013
A Million Dollars Worth of Diamonds Meant for Bling Ring Stolen
A UFO Has Landed in Castigliano, Madrid
Diamond Heels Become Some of the World’s Most Expensive Shoes
How to Collect Diamonds
10 Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World
The Leibish Pink Promise
Can Women Propose to Men
$50M Diamond Heist – Can this Negatively Affect the Diamond Market
Ellendale Mine to be Acquired by Goodrich Resources
A Fiscal Migration
The Rarest Diamonds Sold by Leibish & Co.
Affordable Colored Diamonds
Colored Diamond Gifts for the Holidays
Are Colored Diamonds Real and More Colored Diamonds FAQ
Purchasing Colored Diamond Wholesale
Are Champagne Diamonds More Expensive?
Are Blue Diamonds Rare
Pink Diamonds vs. White Diamonds - Pink Diamond Value
Are Yellow Diamonds Rare
What Are the Rarest Diamonds
Rio Tinto Creates Diamonds and Jewelry
The Diamond Jubilee - Royal Asscher Diamond
Different Diamond Colors
Tips for Buying Diamonds the 10 Commandments of Buying Color Diamonds
The Most Expensive Bra in the World
8.01-Carat Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond on Display at the Melbourne Museum
Why Buy Colored Diamonds?
The Diamond Exhibition
Colored Diamonds for Father’s Day
Diamond Encrusted Gold Coins in Honor of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Diamond Heist -Swallowed Diamond Retrieved
The Diamond Massage
Man Swallows Diamond
The Most Expensive Lighter - Diamond Lighter
$15 Million 300-Carat Diamond Dress
A Gift for Every Mother this Mother's Day
The "Hope Diamond" Barbie Doll
Top Most Ridiculous Diamond and Jeweled Items
$10 Million Fancy Yellow Diamond Birks’ Toronto Exhibit
Colored Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Chocolate that Won't Melt in your Mouth
Most Expensive Belts With Diamonds
The Tiffany Yellow Diamond Changes Settings
The Most Expensive iPhone
Diamond iPhone 4S
The Rodman vs. Alan Bronstein Diamond Feud
Cell Phone Bling
A Fairytale Wedding Dress
Diamonds for Dogs
The Most Expensive Teeth
Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Stolen
Diamond Bags
The Most Expensive Diamond Watches
The Most Expensive Pen
Diamond iPads
GIA GemFest Basel
Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show 2012
Colored Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day
Be My Valentine
The "Urban Legends" of Some of the Most Famous Diamonds
Leibish & Co.’s Most Important Diamonds
Famous Diamond Mines of the World
Mike and Lisa Four Seasons Color Collection
Beware Be-Aware: Common Diamond Scams
About 30 Carats Stolen at BaselWorld 2011
Fair is Fair
The Biggest Diamond Heist in History
The Blue Diamond Affair
Leibish in the News
7 Scams to Avoid When Buying a Diamond
Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar – In the Ring: the Diamond Sector
The Advantages of Loose Diamonds: Affordability and Customization
Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Diamond for New Year’s Eve
2009 Rio Tinto Tender
Basel Show 2009
International Trade Fairs & Conferences
Leibish & Co. at the Baselworld 2008 Show
Fancy Trends at JCK Las Vegas 2007
The Most Expensive Tennis Racquet
Movies About Diamonds - Jewelry in Culture
Fancy Diamonds at JCK LAS VEGAS 2007
Botswana - One of the World's Largest Diamond Producers
The Famous Golconda Diamonds
Hear Me Now: Communication Works Better with Diamond Encrusted Cell Phones
Diamond Rings - a Girl's - Uh - Guy's Best Friend
How to Buy Diamonds Online
Diamonds - The Gift That Says Forever
'Clean' Diamond Trade and the Kimberley Process
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Fancy Colored Diamonds FAQ
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