The Most Expensive Lighter - Diamond Lighter

When you have the money, you have the money.  That is the bottom line.  Even mundane items such as a lighter can become a fashionable accessory. Believe it or not a lighter can be decorated with anything from crystals to actual diamonds.  Though lighters should be obsolete, some of those who still use them to choose to carry them around in style.  Here is a look at some of the priciest lighters around.

The all-time most expensive lighter is the $79,000 Ligne 2 Champagne gold and diamond lighter by S.T. Dupont, a French luxury firm.  Made famous by Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond from the movie Casino Royale, Dupont lighters are the kings of all lighters, but this 18K white gold and diamond edition puts the others to shame.  Also available in solid yellow or rose gold, the lighter boasts 468 brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 5.2 carats of GVS quality diamonds.  Each lighter is packed in a unique gift box. For such a price, S.T. Dupont could have done without so many colorless diamonds and used a couple of colored diamonds instead.

Although they don’t include diamonds, Zippo, a leading name in the lighter industry, has created several embellished lighters including a gold zippo and one with diagonal lines on the top.  Both of these lighters date back to 1933 and have been sold on ebay for as much as $37,000. Today, Zippo sells their Zippo Classic solid gold lighter for $15,621.60. It comes in a custom crafted cherry wood gift box. 

If you are in the market for a unique gift, or would like to jazz up yet another one of your day-to-day items such as iPads, iPhones, belts, and video cameras in Yellow diamonds, Blue diamonds and more, these lighters might give you some ideas.  Whether or not you approve of smoking, the thought that went into these handy accessories could be used toward a number of other objects.

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