Rings Fit for Champions

You didn’t have to be a Cubs fan to rejoice in their historical World Series victory this past November as they finally put an end to their century-old dry spell. There was something simply so inspiring by the faith these avid Cubs fans had in their team, and their joy in finally getting to see their heroes win the trophy. Perhaps that is why the custom championship rings that were made for the players and staff are slightly more special than any others like them. Well, it’s either that or the fact that these diamond, ruby, and blue sapphire encrusted rings come with some very thick strings attached.

The Rings

Though a total of 2,000 Cubs rings are being distributed to the players and full and part-time staff members, there are several “classes” of rings. The top class includes the ones gifted to the players, and is therefore the most valuable. These jewels consist of 214 colorless diamonds totaling 5.5 carats, 3 carats of rubies, and 2.5 carats of sapphires set upon a 14K white gold setting. The 33 custom-cut red rubies are used to create the middle part of the Cubs logo, which spells out the team name with a an oversized “C.” A total of 46 custom-cut sapphires create the blue border that encircles the team name and a symbolic 108 colorless diamonds adorn the ring’s bezel. As if the ring’s base isn’t stunning enough, both of its sides are decorated with significant engravings including the player’s name and the W Flag on one side and the words “Cubs Win” on the other. That side also displays a sketch of the World Series trophy with a very large diamond set in the middle.

The Value

With so many precious stones, it is quite obvious that these rings are rather valuable. In fact, it is believed some of them can fetch as much as $250,000 if offered for sale. However, that will remain impossible as the Cubs administration has announced that they reserve the legal right to purchase any of these rings back for $1 if any one of these ring owners chooses to offer it for purchase. In creating these “strings” the Cubs are ensuring that they can keep tabs on the rings and make certain that they maintain their importance and their sentiment. Any player who wishes to sell his ring must announce his intent to do so at which point the Cubs can purchase it for $1. If they relinquish their right to buy the ring and the player sells it, the same set of rules applies to the next ring owner should he or she choose to sell one day.

Reactions to the Unusual "Fine Print"

The Cubs claim that others have requested similar terms in the past, however nevertheless, many regard these rules as bizarre, unfair, and unnecessary. Since many of the rings, albeit from a different class, will be given to staff members who could truly make use of the ring’s value, it feels like they are being given a treasure chest without a key. Though there is no doubt that these rings hold immense importance to all who receive one, they should hold financial value as well.

In what some would say is true Cubs fashion, nothing about this win is conventional. The victory oozed with drama and now the rings have created a story of their own. Whether you agree or disagree with the policy, one thing is certain: the rings are a stunning testament to camaraderie, perseverance, and team spirit and will be cherished forever.

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