Leibish Polnauer

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Leibish founded LEIBISH over 40 years ago, at a time where Fancy Color Diamonds were part of an extremely niche market. With the introduction of the internet in the late 1990's Leibish had the foresight to make the innovative decision of selling these rare stones online. Hoping to spread the joy of natural fancy color diamonds around the world, LEIBISH quickly became the "Go To" resource for all fancy color diamonds and information. Over the past number of decades, Leibish has grown and has showrooms in New York, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

Leibish believes that honesty, integrity, and impeccable customer service are the key points to maintaining a long-lasting business. Leibish has managed to build a loyal client base that keeps returning because of these very assets. A visionary and a leader, Leibish, is dedicated to educating the public about these extraordinary gems and is committed to providing the highest quality diamonds and gemstones to people all over the world.