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Fancy Color Diamond Cut

The four attributes of diamond quality, known as the 4Cs, are all of extreme importance. However, as the single attribute that man has the ability to perfect on his own, diamond cut must be done with...

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Diamond color is a Fancy Colored Diamond’s most significant characteristic. In fact, unlike a colorless diamond where the 4C's (carat weight, clarity, color, and cut) are all equally important to...

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Diamond Fluorescence - All You Need to Know

Diamond Fluorescence is a perfect example of a one of these features. It can slightly help reduce the cost of the diamond, while not necessarily lowering the overall value of the stone. Those with years...

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Diamond Carat Weight

In the industry, the weight of a diamond is often referred to per carat as opposed to the overall stone. The reason is because the cost is increased considerably per carat. For example, a 1.00 carat diamond...

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