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10 Unique Engagement Rings That Will Make You Say I Do!

We know that engagement rings should be versatile, since it's a piece that is worn every single day. But versatile doesn’t have to mean boring.

If the traditional diamond engagement ring just doesn't do it for you, and you want something unique that reflects your personal style - we've got a world of options at your fingertips!

Overwhelmed by the plethora of designs? No need to worry. We've narrowed down your choices to these 10 unique engagement rings handpicked just for you (and your budget).

  1. Inspired by Royalty

    Who said Sapphires are only for the Royals? This delicate Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring is breathtakingly beautiful and won’t break the bank. Featuring an oval cut royal blue sapphire center stone, this classic design is perfect for the queen of your heart.

  2. Champagne Wishes and Rose Gold Dreams

    What says “I love you” more than a champagne diamond engagement ring? This beautiful floral ring design features an emerald cut champagne diamond center stone, mounted in rose gold! An impressive ring for a couple who wants something a little less traditional, but a little more flair!

  3. Fancy Yellow & Pink Diamond Ring

    Color me happy with this sweet and feminine ring design! This captivating 1.00ct Fancy Yellow center stone is set between two fancy pink diamond clusters, mounted in 18K Yellow, Rose and White Gold. 

  4. Chameleon Diamond
    $9,000- $12,000

    Did you know that Chameleon diamonds are the only diamonds that possess the ability to change colors, between Green, Yellow and Brown? This breathtaking engagement ring is no different. It's basically like having three diamonds in one, with this exquisite chameleon diamond and side stone ring, mounted in 18k white gold.

  5. One-of-a-Kind

    Why settle for one diamond, when you can have three? This incredible piece has “The One” written all over it! Showcasing an amazing Fancy Orangy Pink Argyle center diamond, this spectacular engagement ring also boasts two Fancy Blue pear shape side stones. One thing is for sure - no one else can compete with rare beauty like this!

  6. Stylishly Stackable
    Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Three Strand Ring (1.46Ct TW)
    This unique engagement ring takes the stacking trend to another level. Usually, most women will have their basic diamond engagement ring and stack it with an eternity band. This beauty is a three strand pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring. The first stone is a fancy vivid yellowish orange; the second a fancy light pink brown; and the third is a fancy dark yellowish green pear diamond with collection color white round brilliants mounted in platinum and 18K white, yellow and rose gold.

  7. The Regal Ruby


    There is no color on earth that symbolizes love more than the color Red. Immortalize your unique love story with this sweet and elegant, bezel set Red Ruby and diamond engagement ring. The beautiful, oval cut center stone is adorned with a fancy pink diamond under gallery for that extra touch of magic! Mounted in 18K White & Rose Gold.

  8. It Takes Two

    $15,000 - $17,000

     Extraordinary Pink & Green Marquise Diamond Ring (1.60Ct TW)

    You’ll definitely be turning heads with this unique twin green and pink marquis diamond engagement ruby red engagement ring. This chic ring features a fancy brownish orange pink and chameleon marquise diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18K gold.

  9. Diamonds are the New Black

    Extraordinary Fancy Black Round Diamond Designer Ring (8.05Ct TW)Extraordinary Fancy Black Round Diamond Designer Ring (8.05Ct TW)
    If you’re the sophisticated vintage type, this is the ring for you. This extraordinary black diamond engagement ring features a natural fancy black round brilliant diamond and rubies, mounted in 18K white and rose gold.
  10. Classically Colorful

    If you like to be different, yet you’re still a sucker for the classic cushion cut engagement ring, we've got the perfect solution! Switch out the white diamond for a fancy yellow and you’ve got yourself an engagement ring that’s uniquely you. This Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring features a fancy yellow diamond surrounded by a white brilliant diamond halo and mounted in platinum and 18K yellow gold.

Shop our full collection of color diamond engagement rings here. 

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