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5 Jeweler's Tricks of the Diamond Trade

Every trade on the planet has its tricks, and the diamond industry is no exception. Here are five tips that only a jeweler would know for getting your hands on the diamond of your dreams, without having to empty your wallet!

Trick 1: Less is More

Although a larger diamond is almost always preferred, a slightly smaller one should be your target if you want to get the most for your money! Here’s why. The price of a diamond goes up significantly per rounded carat point. For example, the very popular 2 carat diamond will cost a great deal more than a diamond weighing in at 1.95 carats. For the undetectable hundredths of a carat that you lose, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and you will still have the 2 carat look.

fancy yellow diamond ringA 1.29 carat ring with a 0.78 carat Fancy Yellow diamond that gives the impression of a 1 carat diamond! 

Trick 2: Flawless Flaws

In colorless diamonds, the 4 Cs - color, clarity, cut, and carat - are of equal importance. When it comes to color diamonds, color is by far the most important factor although the remaining Cs still matter, of course. Just like with colorless diamonds, a color diamond with external or internal flaws will be marked down because of the inclusions. Yet, the flaws are not always visible, thanks to the camouflaging nature of the color of color diamonds. This means that you can buy a beautiful diamond with unnoticeable flaws for a discounted price! 

0.38 carat Purple Pink pear shaped diamond

A 0.38 carat Fancy Purple Pink pear shaped diamond, SI1 Clarity but you can hardly see that!

Trick 3: Fancy Shapes for Less

A fancy shape is any shape other than the traditional Round Brilliant stone, the preferred shape for colorless diamonds. Its popularity is due to its ability to display the stone’s brilliance to the utmost. Despite what their name implies, the fancy shapes are less expensive than the simpler round brilliant. Because colorless diamonds are all about the brilliance, many choose this shape over the more exciting shapes such as princess, emerald, and radiant. However, color diamonds do not display brilliance the way colorless diamonds do and it is more important to ensure that the stone can showcase its color properly. The best way to do so is through the Radiant and Cushion shapes - both fancy shapes that are less expensive than rounds.Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Pendant (0.93Ct TW)A beautiful 0.93 carat TW Fancy Yellow diamond and diamond halo pendant

Trick 4: The Power of Small Stones

When looking for a diamond, it is usually for an engagement ring or some other significant piece that requires a large solitaire stone. Everyone knows that the larger the stone, the steeper the price! What is not common knowledge to everyone is the fact that smaller stones totalling the equivalent carat weight will cost considerably less. This is the perfect solution for those on a smaller budget to get that shiny look that they are after. By creating a cluster of smaller diamonds, be it colorless, pink, or yellow diamonds (or even a mix!), you can create stunning diamond studs, or a halo diamond engagement ring

Platinum Collection Color and Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Double Halo Ring (0.74Ct TW)A 0.74 carat TW diamond ring with 68 diamonds total and that gives a huge appearance

Trick 5: Helpful Overtones

Generally, when considering a color diamond, one has a certain color in mind. Color diamonds can be found in a pure hue, or in a combination of several colors. Though the former type is more valuable and often preferred, those with one or more overtones can be quite beautiful. Interestingly, some overtones can automatically reduce the price of a stone while hardly affecting the appearance of the diamond to you. These stones should be sought out when in search of a beautiful color diamond for a more affordable price. 

 Fancy Orange Brown Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (3.75Ct TW)

A gorgeous 3.75 carat TW Fancy Orange Brown three stone engagement ring

Diamonds are among the world’s rarest gifts and are the hardest substance on Earth. These unique items come at a hefty price, but thankfully, can be acquired for lower sums when you know what to look for. Bear this in mind the next time you are in search of the perfect piece of diamond jewelry!

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