All Types of Yellow Diamonds – Shapes & Shades

The most common form of diamonds in the retail market is colorless. However, in nature, most diamonds are not void of color, but rather, have at least some hint of color. This is because diamonds generally have an element present within a stone, which gives it color. The most prevalent element is nitrogen, which provides a diamond with a yellow coloring. When only trace amounts of nitrogen are present in a stone, the diamond is often not yellow enough to be considered a fancy color diamond yet not transparent enough to be classified as a colorless diamond. Although yellow diamonds are among the more abundant varieties of fancy color diamonds, it is not easy to come across a natural fancy yellow diamond with a superb color as well as an ideal clarity level and cut. It is even more challenging to locate one in larger carat sizes. Still, compared to other colors, there is an impressive range to choose from, especially at LEIBISH where fancy color diamonds are our specialty.

Color Intensity Levels for Yellow Diamonds

In order to make sense of the different types of yellow diamonds you may come across, let us break down the various aspects into several categories. For starters, we are only discussing natural fancy color diamonds, not synthetic diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, or dyed diamonds. The emphasis on the natural aspect is to highlight two things: the fact that such stones are rarer and thus more valuable, and the fact that the color element is of utmost importance when discussing color diamonds. That is why it is not just the actual color, or hue, of the diamond that needs to be determined and mentioned (in our case yellow,) but the level at which the color can be seen. This is called the color intensity level. Each diamond color has its own possible levels. In regards to yellow diamonds, the options are as follows: Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, and sometimes Fancy Dark.

Yellow Diamonds - Ranging from Light Yellow through Fancy Vivid Yellow

Secondary Colors within Yellow Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are often sought after for their pure colors, but can be even more beautiful when secondary colors are found as well. Similar to color intensity levels, the possibilities for secondary colors vary from diamond color to diamond color. Orangy, greenish, brownish, green, and brown are the main secondary colors for yellow diamonds. There can be one or more secondary colors within a stone. For instance, a diamond can be described as a Fancy Brown Yellow, or as a Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow. A pure yellow diamond would simply be referred to as Fancy Intense Yellow Oval, assuming its color intensity level was Fancy Intense and it was cut into an oval shape.

10.17 carat, Fancy Brownish Yellow Diamond, Round Shape, SI1 Clarity, GIA SKU: 136102

Different Shapes for Yellow Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are usually cut into radiant and cushion shapes, unlike colorless diamonds where the round shape complements its attributes the most. This is of course because said shapes enhance a color diamond’s color.  They help the stone retain the light that enters it so that the color can be seen as vividly as possible. Other popular shapes for yellow diamonds include round, oval, heart, pear, princess, and marquise. The kite shape is less common but adds a great deal of character to the diamond. LEIBISH has a particularly lovely kite-shaped yellow diamond that is also rather large. The 3.86-carat Fancy Brown Yellow diamond with a kite shape and SI2 clarity level can be an exceptional choice for someone seeking a unique diamond or a serious investment opportunity.

Yellow diamonds have become more and more popular over the years with brides-to-be all over the world opting for something less traditional and a little more exciting than the typical colorless diamond engagement ring. Celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Klum have sported the cheerful color diamond with many others following suit. When a girl’s best friend meets a splash of natural color, what could go wrong?

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