Fancy Colored Diamonds FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Fancy Colored Diamonds - FAQ


Q - Are colored diamonds real diamonds?

A – Colored diamonds, or fancy diamonds, are a  very rare and expensive type of real diamond that are created by rare accidents of nature. These 'accidents' make them appear in shades of pink, blue, green, amber, or even red.


Q - Are colored diamonds more expensive than regular 'white' diamonds?

A – Generally, yes. Since colored diamonds, or fancy diamonds, are considered rare 'accidents' of nature, they are usually more expensive. In assessing a diamond's value, we use the 4Cs, but some fancy diamonds can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for diamonds of one carat or less.


Q - Which fancy colored diamonds are most popular?

A - Yellow and pink diamonds are the most commonly sought after fancy diamonds, but a recent increase in demand for orange, blue, and green colored diamonds show that these colors are trending. Since they are rare in nature, demand can shift prices upward, as supplies are limited.


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