Is Lady Gaga Engaged?

Sometimes it’s the most “out there” type of people that are the most secretive and withdrawn when it comes to things that really matter. It is almost impossible to think of someone more flamboyant and ostentatious than Lady Gaga, and she, of all people, managed to keep the news of a possible engagement and her upcoming summer wedding under wraps. Gaga, and longtime boyfriend, Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney, are reportedly planning a summer wedding, but were they really secretly engaged.


Secret Engagement

Lady Gaga and her better, well, other, half have been dating since 2010 and supposedly held a commitment ceremony back in October. Furthermore, rumor has it that the two are planning a phenomenal wedding in Malibu. The news of the engagement, already back in October, did not just come from out of the blue. Taylor’s costar, Sophia Bush, kind of spilled the beans through a tweet, complete with picture and all. In the photo, she and Taylor were hugging, and Taylor is visibly seen wearing a men's wedding ring. To make sure there were no misunderstandings, Sophia made it abundantly clear that the piece of jewelry was his personal ring and had nothing to do with their TV characters. Yet with all of these signs, neither one of these celebrities, or their representatives for that matter, have come out with an official statement. 


The News Is Out!

Well, they managed to keep the news quiet, until now! just a few hours ago Lady Gaga confirmed the rumors with a picture on Instagram that said "He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!"

A HUGE congratulations is in order for this couple! The fact that they managed to keep the news quiet until now is quite surprising!


The Engagement Ring

As one of the most ostentatious superstars out there, who is very far from a traditional dresser, we aren't surprised to see such a magnificent diamond ring! Going with a beautiful and LARGE solitaire diamond in a three prong setting is an absolutely fabulous choice. The image was black and white, so we don't know the color of the stone just yet. With all the excitement of the wedding, we are we will be seeing very impressive bling on Lady Gaga in the near future!


Future Wedding

Even if she does keep the news quiet, the unique pop star is sure to have an over the top wedding. Lady Gaga was actually seen shopping for white dresses. Could it be that she will wear something as traditional as a white wedding gown or will she shock with an ensemble that is barely recognizable? We will just have to wait and see.

Though engagements are very much a part of Hollywood and the world of celebrities, more and more stars are choosing to keep their private lives under wraps. Could it be that stardom is finally taking its toll on these celebs? In any case, the nuptials of the rich and famous always manage to surface some way or another, with all the bling and luxuries that tend to come with them.

Wishing her endless congratulations! Looking forward to see her in color!

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